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Digital Transformation (DX) has huge potential for a business – but it’s too easy to get mired in complexity with a lack of visibility. The visibility problem demands attention, as this is precisely the issue that is putting many organizations off DX projects. Research from Forrester suggests that for all the talk, there is a lack of enthusiasm for DX:

21% of businesses think their transformation is complete.

56% of firms are transforming.

22% are either investigating transformation or not transforming at all.

45% are transforming customer care.

The need for digital transformation usually springs from the realization that operations can become far more efficient with a technological system that streamlines and unifies previously siloed processes.


Disappearing customers

Inefficient processes


Lack of management buy-in



No-Code DPA – Digital Process Automation – will not just tackle these symptoms; it has the potential to tackle the root causes of the problem and eliminate issues that may arise from unaddressed weaknesses in the process. Taking a longer view, this can give business leaders greater visibility of their Digital Transformation projects, so that they can steer business strategy.


Digital transformation can never be finished, customers technology and demands are continuously changing so the business needs to monitor their business processes (reports, deep business intelligence, KPIs, control points…) to continuously optimize and adapt processes. An important factor to enable the adoption of new technologies is the ease with which they are integrated within the Digital Business Platform.

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