Remote work = AuraPortal

Although remote working has been a growing trend in recent years, the current situation has created an immediate need for this type of solution. This is where AuraPortal can help.

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Why is AuraPortal the best tool for remote workers?

AuraPortal is a digital cloud platform that allows you to create custom applications and automate business processes without the need for programming, resulting in a quick, simple and complete solution to support working from home. In addition, teams can easily collaborate using intelligent workflows that can engage employees, managers, partners, suppliers and customers in real time.

Process automation

Document management



Real example: UNITECO

Uniteco is a leading civil liability insurance brokers with over 50 years of experience specializing in healthcare professionals. Their ability to create customized applications, and process automation using the AuraPortal platform, page v2 have enabled Uniteco to offer the first fully online Professional Civil Responsibility policy in Spain.


Using AuraPortal, Uniteco have automated applications and processes related to:

Civil Responsibility

Policy Registration

Contract signatures

Automatically sending policies to the customer


AuraPortal, as a teleworking tool.

Our experienced team will help you create tailored solutions for your company.