Move Beyond RPA to Deliver Hyperautomation

According to Gartner, “Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders lack a defined strategy to scale automation with tactical and strategic goals. They must deliver end-to-end automation beyond RPA by combining complementary technologies to augment business processes. Gartner calls this “hyperautomation”.”


“Hyperautomation refers to an effective combination of complementary sets of tools that can integrate functional and process silos to automate and augment business processes.”


Join an AuraPortal digital transformation expert to discover the key strategies to enable hyperautomation.

June 3, 2020

4 p.m. London (BST)


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This report outlines key strategies for enabling hyperautomation in your organization, recommendations, and a plan to apply DigitalOps tools with other tools.

Explore the hottest technology trends to deliver hyperautomation

Learn how you can drive intelligent automation across the entire organization while using low-code techniques, to make it simple for all business users in your organization.


We will show you how to combine the speed of low-code development with the power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA to deliver practical business solutions.

Join this webinar to see how to:

Deliver end-to-end automation

Combine technologies to augment business processes

Build complex apps more efficiently with low-code platforms

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Features Gartner research from:
“Move Beyond RPA to Deliver Hyperautomation, Saikat Ray, Cathy Tornbohm, Marc Kerremans, Derek Miers, 16 December 2019.”