[Webinar] KPN Use Case: aligning enterprise automation and the human workforce.

FourICT’s vision on how to get Business Value and ROI for the customer.



March, 4




Online event (Webinar).




(Amsterdam, Netherlands, CET [UTC +1])

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During the webinar we will reveal how our customer solved major challenges in service delivery. The five most critical challenges they had to tackle were:


  • Time between customer request and service delivery was much too long.
  • Inability to track worker performance or efficiency.
  • Unsatisfied customers.
  • Too many administration tasks for non-administration people.
  • Difficulty managing the rapid business growth.


Furthermore, our customer had undergone some big changes on all management levels resulting in communication issues and the decision process was not always completed in the agreed time frame.


Key Takeaways:


  • Identify and understand common business problems
  • Discover technology that can solve these issues
  • Learn how to drive continuous improvement in your company

About FourICT

FourICT has been a trusted partner of AuraPortal for over 8 years and has a strong track record of successfully implementing complex digital transformation projects and business solutions with BPM, integration and intelligent automation.


Four ICT has a multi-faceted and fresh approach, which puts the customer and results at center stage.


We consider ourselves a no-nonsense IT company that likes a challenge to work together with customers to make projects a success. The operative word being ‘together’; from management to receptionist, but at least including everyone involved in the chain. And by success we truly mean a success based on agreed key performance indicators. Consider reducing turnaround times, improving quality, optimizing administrative processes (digitization), real-time data and improving interaction with customers.


It’s all about people, because they provide the spark for creative and innovative solutions.

About AuraPortal

AuraPortal is a Low-Code & Automation Platform that allows you to visually create applications and digitize every step of all kind of processes in one easy-to-use Digital Platform compatible with existing systems (ERP, CRM, Legacy apps, etc.).


Gain the Speed, Agility, Accuracy and Automation you need to lead your company to Success in the Digital Era.


  1. Introduction
  2. Food for thought
  3. KPN case study
  4. Q&A

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