The Key to a successful process implementation project.

This Webinar Recording shows you how to approach a process implementation project.

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To guarantee a successful process automation, developing a repeatable delivery methodology is fundamental.


In this presentation we provide a series of steps which, if followed, will increase the chances of success in the implementation.


Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes when trying to automate processes and other keys for a successful transformation.

Target Participants

CEOs, General Managers, Heads of areas, IT Managers, Analysts, Business Executives, Consultants, Organization Experts, Quality Experts and generally anyone interested in learning, in detail, about the possibilities of this powerful BPM tool.


1. Pre-implementation.

  • Defining the scope and the priorities.
  • Obtaining management support.
  • Required resources.
    • Task force.
    • Training.
    • Software.
    • Hardware.
  • Defining the Project and the Control Points.

2. Implementation, verification and publication.

3. Post implementation.