The Continuous Improvement Cycle of Business Processes

This Webinar Recording shows you the 5 stages of a Process Life Cycle to empower Continuous Improvement.

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This webinar gives a clear, up-to-date view of the five stages of a Process Life Cycle:


1. Modelling.

2. Simulation.

3. Execution.

4. Monitoring.

5. Optimization.


Which naturally generate the culture of Continuous Improvement in any organization.


Join this webinar to learn how to automate and optimize the entire process life cycle with an iBPMS; manage all corporate information safely and efficiently no matter how complex the entity’s structure may be.

Target Participants

CEOs, General Managers, Heads of areas, IT Managers, Analysts, Business Executives, Consultants, Organization Experts, Quality Experts and generally anyone interested in learning, in detail, about the possibilities of this powerful BPM tool.


1. Creation of the process models.

2. Execution of day-to-day processes.

3. Monitoring (Observation, Control and Analysis of the Execution results).

4. Continuous Improvement.

5. Practical Example of the whole Cycle:

  • Building a process model diagram.
  • Creating the process Model.
  • Immediately executing the process without any programming.
  • Watching the Monitoring of the running process.
  • Modifying the running process for its Optimization.