5 steps to achieve Intelligent Automation

This Webinar Recording shows you how to combine iBPMS, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Integrations to elevate customer experience, optimize processes and crush business goals.

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Today we are overloaded with information, besides it is often segregated, badly organized, duplicated, unstructured or inaccessible.


Without a system to collect, unify and coordinate the operations of your entity, this problem will persist.


Most of us know that information gives us power, but some of us still ask ourselves: How do I use my processes’ information to draw certain conclusions, be more competitive and have them aligned with the customers’ needs?


Learn to transform the data from your processes into useful information and become more competitive.

Target Participants

CEOs, General Managers, Heads of areas, IT Managers, Analysts, Business Executives, Consultants, Organization Experts, Quality Experts and generally anyone interested in learning, in detail, about the possibilities of this powerful BPM tool.


1. How to transform data into useful information.

2. Traditional information analysis.

3. Information analysis with AuraPortal.