Transformation, Evolution, Mutation or Metamorphosis

Where do we go from here? Just when it seems we have reached our final destination, we find an entire new map.  This is how digital transformation can feel as the system itself, as if by magic, proposes new innovative ways to perform our day-to-day work. Defining digital transformation is complicated, since it affects the social, cultural and business environment.

Within this technological environment, I dare to comment that it is not a change of solutions that improve the internal functioning of a business, but rather an approach that empowers solutions to be more efficient. It is indisputable that the standardization of computer systems has contributed to improving business processes, but this is no longer enough because transformation takes us to a profound change of focus.

We assume that businesses are composed of heterogeneous elements that work autonomously following the directions set by the business. However, for these elements to be efficient and produce the expected benefits, it is important that companies move at the pace offered by current technology and embrace an integral management where the optimization of business processes and experience combined with learning help us to choose the right path to follow.

This is where intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) can help. This intelligent software can guide companies throughout the process of transformation, evolution, mutation or metamorphosis to help them achieve their digital business goals.

The methodology can be defined as a strategy focused on managing business processes that empowers the digitalization of each integrated activity in a digital platform compatible with existing applications. AuraPortal is an iBPMS that fits perfectly with this definition, offering functionalities that are applied in a simple and intuitive way.

Juan Bellver Luengo