Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

Strategic technology trends have the potential both to create opportunity and to drive significant disruption. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must evaluate these top trends to determine how combinations of trends can power their innovation strategies.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a foundational catalyst for advanced process automation and human augmentation and engagement. Physical environments including factories, offices and cities will become “smart spaces” within which people will interact through multiple touchpoints and sensory channels for an increasingly ambient experience.

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Gartner’s annual top 10 strategic technology trends highlight trends that enterprises need to consider as part of their five-year strategic technology planning process. Technology innovation leaders must examine the business impact of these trends and seize the opportunities to enhance existing, or create new, processes, products and business models.


Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must:

Center their innovation efforts on people and use tools to evaluate opportunities, challenges and time frames for adoption.

Embrace multiexperience and implement development platforms and design principles.

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100% traceability to facilitate auditing requirements.

Reports and notifications in real time.

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