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Webinar: The Continuous Improvement Cycle of Business Processes

Topic: Up-to-date view of the five stages of a Process Lifecycle



Thursday, February 14,



11:00 am (Dubai, GST+04:00)

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Luiza Apostol

BPM Solution Advisor


The goal of this webinar is to offer a clear, up-to-date view of the five stages of a Process Life Cycle:


1. Modelling
2. Simulation
3. Execution
4. Monitoring
5. Optimization


Which naturally generate the culture of Continuous Improvement in any organization.


The course is based on the following topics:


  • Theory: covering all the concepts shown in the agenda.
  • Practical view using a Real Case, see the whole cycle: the creation of the Process Model, its actual execution, control of the executed process by continuous Monitoring and its systematic Optimization for Continuous Improvement.

Agenda (1 hour duration)

1. Creation of the process models.

2. Execution of day-to-day processes.

3. Monitoring (Observation, Control and Analysis of the Execution results).

4. Continuous Improvement.

5. Practical Example of the whole Cycle:

  • Building a process model diagram.
  • Creating the process Model.
  • Immediately executing the process without any programming.
  • Watching the Monitoring of the running process.
  • Modifying the running process for its Optimization.

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