Technological Collaboration Agreement between AuraPortal and Sinergía Social

The NGO, Sinergía Social, and AURA sign a Technological Collaboration Agreement, whereby the NGO addresses the Unified Management project for the provision of centralized services to manage common processes within a framework of excellence in innovation, training and cooperation between the Entities, so that all the services offered are of the quality required to achieve the organization’s objectives.

To achieve this goal, Sinergía Social has trained a team to collaborate on the implementation of processes with AuraPortal and Partner, ONVIA, who will provide training and support services.

Sinergía Social’s main objective is to serve the group of entities that form the Coordination of Entities for general interest to provide structure and continuous improvement. Its mission is to give technical and organizational support to organizations dedicated to different areas of well-being and general interest, including: occupational, social, dependency, education, health, housing and environmental services.