Permissions management

Gain full control of company information

This process allows complete control of all information depending on user roles and permissions.

permission-management bpmn


Through this process you can make requests for creating permissions for different types of users and manage the approvals associated with any request. It is vital for companies to control and limit user access to certain information. This process offers a framework for the management of the necessary control of all the information provided for the different users that access the application.

This Process template helps you guarantee the availability of information to the users that really need it. With this template it is possible to create requests for activating or deactivating permissions of modules, folders, libraries or services. It is also possible to manage approvals, enable a complete control of the activities that must be carried out in each request and update the list of active user permissions. In addition, you will be able to control user access through easy communication between the different departments in charge of managing the permissions, creating the perfect channel to assure the privacy and security of the information in your company.

To create a Process, a model must be prepared including all the necessary information which is developed in two phases: 1st the Diagram is drawn, 2nd the attributes of the objects in the diagram are defined.

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