Business Process Management for Services

AuraPortal BPM is the most advanced tool on the market for the management of service companies

AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM) is a corporate application capable of controlling all activities in any organization in the services sector, where Communication and Collaboration between the internal staff, and between staff and third parties: customers, agents, suppliers, subcontractors, etc., are the foundations for success.

Business Process Management for Services industry - Customer Services Quality - Gestión de procesos en Servicios

Customer Services Quality

AuraPortal’s technology and concept as a platform that integrates all activities performed in a company empowers organization, synchronization, control and monitoring of all tasks, substantially reducing time and costs while increasing the quality of the service.

Effectiveness with Business Process Management for Services

With AuraPortal BPM all business processes are configured in combination with business rules, document management, a powerful internal workflow and external portals that allow working B2B and B2C.  AuraPortal BPM organizes, manages and controls all the activities performed in a service company from a unique integrated system, including commercial activities (marketing, relations, information, care and post-sale services, etc.), provisioning (SRM, buying, etc.), techniques (projects, operations control, maintenance, etc.) and administration (contracts, invoicing, data security standards, work security and quality, financial aspects, etc.).

Business Process Management for Services industry - Effectiveness - Gestión de procesos en Servicios

Customers with Business Process Management for Services

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Information Technology

Information Technology

AuraPortal BPM makes it possible for IT/Systems departments to attend to their continuous demands efficiently, allowing growth, reductions in costs and improvements in business processes.



The telecommunications sector is in continuous evolution and AuraPortal Helium iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management Suite) is its great ally.

Banking, Finance & Insurance

Banking, Finance & Insurance

AuraPortal BPM is one of the most advanced tools in the market for managing financial entities and leading insurance companies, making it possible to achieve immediate increase in income and in credit and operational security, while drastically reducing costs.