Business Process Management for Public Administration

AuraPortal is a technically and economically affordable solution that can be applied to an entity or a specific department

Business Process Management for Public Administration, an application that can model operative processes and put them into execution automatically, without any programming, has always been a dream for state and regional Public Administration agencies. AuraPortal makes this dream a reality.

Business Process Management for Public Administration - Administrative Organization - Gestión de procesos en la administración pública

Administrative Organization

Human Resources (personnel management, evaluation and control, absence management, recruitment, occupational health, training, etc.), Purchasing and Supplies (recruiting and approving suppliers, eProcurement, outsourcing management, etc.), Regulations (quality, environment, occupational safety, Personal Data Protection, etc.), Project and Cost Management (municipal works, social programs, internal campaigns, the environment, etc.).

Public Services Management with workflow

AuraPortal BPM provides a private, individual and exclusive channel of information, communication and workflow, making case management, requests, acknowledgements, rectifications, state of affairs, queries, payments, resources, etc., instantly accessible to the citizen from their own home. AuraPortal BPM integrates with other software applications used in the entity.

Business Process Management for Public Administration - Public Service Mangement - Gestión de procesos en la administración pública

Customers with Business Process Management for Public Administration

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AuraPortal BPM is a corporate application capable of controlling all activities in any organization in the services sector, where Communication and Collaboration are the foundations for success.

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Chemical

Besides the natural pursuit of business excellence, the management of this industry is characterized by the strict need to comply with all regulations: internal, external and mandatory.



AuraPortal BPM can be applied from two different angles in the higher education environment (universities, business schools, polytechnics, etc.): For administrative management via processes and for teaching support in classrooms.