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Information Technologies companies need Business Process Management (BPM) or workflow software to control all development projects. With this in mind, AuraPortal BPM proves to be the best solution on the market.

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The main reason for the use of AuraPortal BPM in Information Technologies is its advanced workflow system

It includes three separate workflows that work in unison (process tasks, integrated tasks and open tasks) to offer maximum coverage and flexibility in the control of the developments and the evolution of developed software versions. In the search for management excellence, through the implementation of management processes based on several standards such as ITIL®, CMMI, ITAM and SAM, AuraPortal becomes a strategic partner for the natural evolution of IT/Systems departments favoring their strength and growth.

Project Management

AuraPortal BPM makes it possible to automate, document and control the processes from beginning to end. As a discipline, BPM requires an implementation methodology that has a primary focus of “Growing with the Business”. This is based on the idea of developing a BPM process culture at a management and technical level, where the results and benefits achieved from using processes adapted to requirements are demonstrable.

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