BPM for Health & Pharmaceutical

BPM solutions for Healthcare, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries

Offers a new way to manage quality regulations, environment, information security, occupational healthcare, hygiene, etc., seamlessly integrated with other productive and administrative activities.

Business Process Management for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry - business management environment - Gestión de procesos en Salud, Química y Farma

AuraPortal Business Process Management for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industries encompasses the following operations:

SCM (Supply Chain Management): AuraPortal has merged CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and other applications to allow the process tasks to flow between all company departments, reaching suppliers, delegations, sales agents, indirect channels, customers, etc. This creates cohesion in the actions that are performed and standardization of the results throughout the entire supply chain.

AuraPortal empowers healthcare & pharmaceutical industries to seamlessly manage all their processes

HR (Human Resources): Staff administration, evaluation and control, absence management, recruitment, occupational health, training and development.


Purchase and supply: Capture, approval and communication with suppliers, eProcurement, outsourcing control and management, etc.


AuraPortal also integrates with other applications and devices (Legacy, ERP, etc.) used in the entity.

Business Process Management for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical industry - their processes - Gestión de procesos en Salud, Química y Farma

Customers with Business Process Management for Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Companies

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