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Tenemos la solución; we got the solution GDPR

We have the solution!

We help you to keep your data under control so you can stop worrying about the General Data Protection Regulation.


With a unique solution based on AuraPortal software in collaboration with the consultancy firm, Sogeti and the legal advisor, Crowe Horwath.

This solution guarantees complete GDPR compliance for analysis, implementation and process automation.

Triangulo GDPR Solución Solution Sogeti AuraPortal Crowe Horwath

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The Problem

GDPR implications:

  • Increase in Personal Privacy Rights
  • Increase in Data Protection Obligations
  • Mandatory Notification of Security Breaches
  • Hefty Fines for Non-Compliance


No control over the Processes used by employees to interact with Applications.


These processes need to be modified, extended and automated to ensure GDPR compliance.


Error – Purely focus on Technology.


Key – Put the emphasis on the employees and their work environment (Processes, Knowledge and Technology).

Centro de control GDPR

Control Center

Our solution has a Control Center or “Data Protection Center” that allows all the GDPR-related processes to be centralized and accessed with single sign-on (SSO).

This gives the Data Protection Officer (DPO) agile and personalized access to the necessary processes and resources with complete mobility, as it is accessible anywhere and from any device.


It is vital to focus on the employees and their work environment. The solution adapts to the workflow of the employees involved.


They are the axis of automation and unite employees, technology and data.


Centralize and automate all possible information for an agile and accurate management.


We care about data security, which is why we offer a control filter between employees and applications to make it easier to comply with the regulations.


Control Filter

We offer a “Control Filter” between employees and applications to ensure GDPR compliance.

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