Customized BPM Courses

Customize your specific goals

The advantage of this method is customized attention, as these BPM courses are totally custom-made for an individual, group, company, etc.

The first step is defining the course goals, work method and syllabus. These options are detailed during an interview with the prospective student. The courses are held on demand and are subject to the student’s and school’s availability.

In the customized BPM courses, it is the Student who decides:

Customized - BPM Courses decides the start date - Cursos BPM

The start date

Customized - BPM Courses decides the course duration - Cursos BPM

The course duration

Customized - BPM Courses decides the rythm - Cursos BPM

The pace

Customized - BPM Courses decides the workplace - Cursos BPM

The workplace (online/on site*)

Customized - BPM Courses decides discontinuation periods - Cursos BPM

Course discontinuation periods to accommodate the student’s working schedule

Customized - BPM Courses decides make changes - Cursos BPM

Other details, such as syllabus modifications, etc.

*For the on site courses, prices, conditions and additional expenses (transport, etc.) must be consulted.
Customized - BPM Courses, fully customized - Cursos BPM

Customized BPM Courses

We can arrange how you want your training. Where? When? Syllabus content, etc.

Customized - BPM Courses availability - Cursos BPM

Customized BPM Courses

You will have the Training School team at your disposal as arranged in your customization.

Customized - BPM Courses specialization - Cursos BPM

Customized BPM Courses

If you have specific training needs, we will incorporate them in the course.