Course: Process Analysis and Management with AuraPortal

Overview and analysis of BPM technology, introduction to the essential concepts and its impact on company management.


12 h.




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The topics covered include: the use of Workflow, Business Processes, BPM, BPMN and BPMS, the processes Life Cycle, and differences between BPMS and iBPMS. Apart from the overview of Process Management it also includes a brief summary of some of the functionalities any iBPMS should have: Statistical Simulation, Extranets, Intranets, Content Management, Online Commerce and many more.

The course attendees will learn how to transmit the company’s needs (reports, processes, registers, etc.) for their transformation into applications; they will also learn how to create diagrams and carry out their statistical simulations.

An optional evaluation test can be taken at the end and, if the result is successful, students will be awarded with the ‘AuraPortal Diagramming Certification’.


1. What are Business Processes?
2. BPM and BPMS
3. What is iBPMS?
4. Process Life Cycle
5. What is BPMN?
6. Statistical simulation

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