Connect to your digital workplace with the AuraPortal Instant Workflow App

Each day we are faced with the challenge of working faster and better. Welcome to the real-time digital business era, where bottlenecks don’t exist and the search for instant knowledge and innovation is incessant.

With this App, business users, sales teams, system managers, administrators, etc. can keep abreast of all important tasks or notices within their workflow, empowering them to act instantly in the business processes that require their intervention.

Combine mobility with our Responsive Form Editor


Create attractive forms that can be adapted to any screen resolution. Completing tasks from a mobile device is easier than ever!

Responsive (Adaptive) form (formulario) in a tablet - AuraPortal

Adaptive forms

Ready for any device

With AuraPortal you can create forms that automatically adapt to any device to look good at any resolution. This empowers you to complete your tasks on any device: PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.

AuraPortal Instant Workflow App

Your workflow at your fingertips

With the AuraPortal “Instant Workflow” App you can access a plethora of features and complete your tasks from your mobile device, anywhere and at any time.

2 smartphone mobile devices showing more functionalities and features of the instant workflow app from AuraPortal

Other Features:

Notifications and customized alerts

Receive notifications and customized alerts (vibration, ring tone, periodicity, etc.) when a task reaches your workflow.

Enterprise subscriptions

Subscribe to important events in your enterprise and receive alerts when process flows fulfil your specified conditions.

Instant workflow

Use your mobile device to access, complete, classify and archive your tasks.

Intranet access

Get faster access to your intranet without having to re-enter your credentials.

Use Cases

Here are some key use cases where the AuraPortal Instant Workflow application is invaluable:

Sales Alerts

A new lead is registered and the sales team is alerted immediately.

Accounting Reports

Monthly reports can be scheduled with KPIs and relevant data.

Meeting Reminder

Periodic alerts prior to business meetings with customers, partners, etc.

Analytical Decisions

Decision-making tasks influenced by turning points in business performance.

Purchase Order Approvals

Customized notifications of purchase orders and approval queries.

Permissions Management

Manage user permissions accurately, securely, and more easily than ever.

Customer Service

Automatic notifications for support staff when not in situ.

And much more…

Any process could benefit from the mobility gained from this App!

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instant workflow app download play store
instant workflow app download app store