Imagine all your business processes in one easy-to-use platform

AuraPortal is BPM Software that offers easy design and execution of all operating processes -no matter how complex they may be-, without any additional programming requirements. It provides solutions for enterprises and organizations of any size: from small businesses, right through to corporations with millions of processes and/or users. AuraPortal can automatically control specific organizational areas or the complete end-to-end operations of any entity.

AuraPortal BPM Structure

AuraPortal Helium BPM software is structured in two ambits:




1.1. Twin Installations

The AuraPortal system is installed in two identical places:

  • Production Installation, to carry out the normal activity of the organization;
  • Testing Installation, available for testing purposes, which allows the performance of all kinds of tests in an identical twin installation to the Production Installation, but with the security that no data will be altered, nor will modifications be made to the configuration bearing the real operations of the organization.

The Testing Installation is very useful to test installations of Windows Service Packs and AuraPortal Extension Packs (for updating the Software).

testing and production, the twin installations. Instalaciones gemelas, de pruebas y producción.
Multilanguage module. Módulo Multilenguaje.

1.2. Multilanguage

AuraPortal BPM Software can work in different languages simultaneously, allowing each user to choose their preferred language. The system presents the complete application in all the chosen languages, simultaneously.

1.3. Intranet/Extranet

It manages communication between employees and communication between employees and customers, suppliers, and other external agents, via an extremely powerful workflow system. Features:

  • Document & Content Management
  • Information Discovery & Smart Search
  • Information Generator, Employee Profiles and other Directories
  • Security against internal and external threats
  • Easy Integration
  • Rich collaboration tools such as shared folders, forums, calendars, activities, etc.
  • Social Networking with Real-time Feeds and Announcements
  • 24/7 availability in the Cloud
  • Mobile and tablet functionality
  • Digital Workflows
  • Customization & Flexibility
Gestión de por Procesos de Negocio. Business Process Management.

1.4. Process Management

AuraPortal offers a unique Business Process Management system because it was conceived from scratch to work 100% on Internet (in premises and in cloud) with no need for any user-addition of programming code. It offers two tools for modeling the process diagrams which both follow the BPMN standard notation, one is based on Microsoft Visio and the other is developed in Java.

While the process diagram is being drawn, AuraPortal internally builds the corresponding programming code, so, once the diagram is complete, the only thing that needs to be done is to define the attributes of the objects appearing in this diagram, namely: tasks, events, and gateways. After that, the process is ready to run.

The distinguishing features of AuraPortal that have ranked it top position in the international market, are numerous. More than 300 important customers working with AuraPortal can confirm this.

1.5. Document Management

It manages all the entity’s documents (texts, images, videos, etc.), in a fully integrated and global manner. This document handling can be used concurrently with two systems:

  • Microsoft SharePoint, incorporated in the application.
  • AuraPortal File System, a system designed by AURA. This is the recommended option, especially if better performance with large volumes (millions) of documents is required.
Document management. SharePoint or AuraPortal Filesystem. Gestión documental, de documentos.
Gestión de contenidos. Content Management.

1.6. Content Management

It allows the publishing of announcements, news, articles, videos, documents of any kind and, in general, any content in digital format. The module is seamlessly integrated with the BPM Software, so that any company can create its own digital information to gain a complete and tailor-made content management without having to recruit a specialist.

One interesting application of the Content Management module is the functionality to construct even the most complex websites. AURA has considered integration with internet search engines (e.g. Google) and has included an automatic Sitemap creation system, which indexes all the desired words in the internal indexes of these search engines to allow rapid location for internet users.

1.7. Data Management & Analysis

It manages the complete treatment of information that is introduced or automatically generated, for its subsequent analysis through reports, queries, monitoring, dashboards and BAM.

Data management and analysis. Gestión y análisis de datos.
Conectividad de AuraPortal Connectivity with other systems: office 365, dynamics crm, oracle database, sap, etc.

1.8. Connectivity

It allows connections with any type of device, application, or external database. This module contains all the necessary integration components, such as web services, adapters server, external forms, data importer service, ‘script invoker’ and ‘executor’ System Tasks, etc.

It also includes sophisticated integration channels with other external software applications like ‘Excel’, ‘Email’, ‘ODBC’, ‘Web Services’, ‘SAP’, ‘Dynamics CRM’ and others.


2.1. Deep Business Intelligence

New module for the creation of attractive and functional graphic reports based on data from processes and AuraPortal data records.

This new module includes two powerful tools:


1. AP Interactive BI (AuraPortal Interactive Business Intelligence). A user-friendly tool for designing reports that requires no technical background, dedicated especially to business users.


  • It allows the creation of a wide range of graphic reports, in grids (lists) and also in calendar view.
  • It is interactive, not only informative. Users can start processes, manage tasks and create or edit data records directly from the reports.


2. Excel Reports. Automatic generation of MS Excel files with data from the processes and own data records, to be later analyzed using the full power of the Microsoft tool.

Deep business intelligence. Inteligencia de negocio profunda.
Business Rules. Reglas de Negocio.

2.2. Business Rules

AuraPortal BPM Software has an innovative approach to genuine Business Rules, much simpler to manage, however more powerful than anything ever seen before. This module houses all the company regulations and procedures, as well as process-related information which can then be seamlessly integrated into the running processes without losing their independence.

Following the most advanced standard trend, the AuraPortal Business Rules are “declarative” meaning that they do not “act”. Instead, they are kept separate from the processes and are invoked by the process engines only when they are required, so that the rules are only calculated when they are invoked and the results are served to the process engine. This is the factor that gives them their extraordinary ‘on-the-fly’ power of performance and modification, because, although they do not reside in the process’ domain, they are always ready to serve the required information as needed, without being affected in the slightest.

There are four types of Business Rules differentiated by the way they perform the operations and supply the results:

  • Textual – They contain rich text with unlimited storage or use.
  • Assignment – They store variables with previously assigned values.
  • Calculation – They store the calculation formulas for any variable.
  • Inference – They provide a result that complies with the restrictions imposed by any number and types of criteria.

2.3. Three Synchronized Environments

This module allows organizations to create new classes of process, or modify existing ones, on independent, physically separate installations. In other words, the changes in design and class of process testing are performed on different and independent installations from the one that contains the real data and the changes are exported synchronously to the production environment. This module is not to be confused with the ‘Twin Installations’ module in the Core BPM.

Three 3 Synchronized environments. 3 Tres Entornos Sincronizados.
External users workflow. Workflow de Usuarios Externos.

2.4. External Users Workflow

This module allows External Users Tasks to be directly linked, i.e., these users can send tasks to each other without requiring an intermediary employee. Without this module, an employee must always intervene by means of a Task.


There are two types of users capable of participating in the BPMS processes: Employees | External Users .


Employee Users have the broadest scope of performance. They enter the system through the Employee Portal (Intranet) from where they can start processes, work with Process Tasks and Open Tasks, and have access to all resources of the application like document families, accounts, items, projects, areas, processes, etc. They may also design Processes if permission is granted. Employees are registered in the Organization Chart of the company which is called the Employee Family Tree.

Users, Employees. Usuarios, Empleados.
External Users, Usuarios Externos.

External Users

The External User is intended for distributors, customers, suppliers, etc. that have a high degree of interaction with the enterprise. The External Users enter the AuraPortal system through one of the External Portals (Extranet) freely designed by the enterprise, according to, the class of organization that the user belongs to. External Users are allowed to initiate processes and be the performers of process tasks, although their capabilities are limited in comparison with the Employee Users.


There are two types of licensing in AuraPortal BPM Software: Licensing by User | Corporate Licensing.

Licensing by User

There are two kinds of licenses by user that can work in parallel:

  • Named, meaning that each license can only be used by an identified person.
  • Concurrent, where the only limitation is the maximum number of simultaneous users, regardless of their identity.
named or concurrent user license. Licencia de usuario nominativa o concurrente.
corporate Lincensing, unlimited users. Usuarios ilimitados, licencia corporativa.

Corporate Licensing

Includes unlimited users, and can be granted separately to each of the two types of users: Employee and External.

What are Business Processes and BPM Software?

Business Processes or Intelligent Processes are a collection of related, structured activities that, as a whole, constitute the overall activity of any company or organization. These processes can be managed and controlled by systems known as BPM software.

Some examples of Business Process Management:

BPM Software - Customer Journey - Purchasing - Software BPM

Manage purchasing cycles.

BPM Software - Mobility - Marketing - Software BPM

Manage marketing and demand generation activities.

BPM Software - Knowledge Management - Sales opportunities - Software BPM
Sales opportunities

Manage sales opportunities, including the control of commercial actions and the automatic generation of orders and contracts as appropriate.

BPM Software - Manufacturing - Software BPM

Manage manufacturing or transformation processes.

BPM Software - Services - Software BPM

Manage the provision of services.

BPM Software - Sales cycle - Software BPM
Sales cycle

Manage sales cycles, including  invoicing, charges and claims.

BPM Software - Customer service - Software BPM
Customer Service

Permanent hot-line for customers.

BPM Software - Organization Control - Accounting - Software BPM

Accounting, including the assignation and control of budget allocations.

BPM Software - Human Resources - Software BPM
Human Resources

Manage human resources, including: recruitment, salaries and fees, permissions, vacations, redundancies, control and work performance optimization, etc.

BPM Software - Intelligence Analysis - Finance - Software BPM

Financial management, covering the control of money, loans, credits and debits, optimizing investment destinations and cash flow applications.

BPM Software - Economic Situation - Software BPM
Economic situation

Analyze the company’s economic performance, its profitability, bottle necks and capabilities using KPIs.

BPM Software - Business Resources - Software BPM
Business resources

Integral optimization of business resources from a global perspective.

BPM Software - Strategies - Software BPM

Design and monitor present and future strategies in all areas of activity .

BPM Software - Performance standards - Software BPM
Performance standards

Establish and continuously update performance standards in the organization.

BPM Software - Projects - Software BPM
Projects of any kind

Design, monitor and control any kind of unique or recurring project, throughout the preparation and execution stages.

BPM Software - Digital Transformation - Informative content - Software BPM
Informative content

Create, update and publish of any kind of informative content, in any format and in any selected media.

BPM Software - Document Management
Document Management

Intelligent and integrated management of all documents in the organization via potent File Systems that can handle the creation, modification, search, printing, etc., of millions of documents very quickly.

BPM Software - Corporate Website - Software BPM
Corporate website

Controlled publication on the Internet and social networks, including periodic newsletters, the design of web pages that can be dynamically updated, and the maintenance of blogs, chats, messages, etc.

BPM Software - Adaptation to Change - eCommerce - Software BPM

eCommerce with automatically updated offers, including shopping carts and payment gateways.

BPM Software - Comply with Regulations - Legal procedures - Software BPM
Legal procedures

Management of the organization’s interaction with the legal framework for its operations, including any legal and procedural processes that may occur.

BPM Software - Other actions - Software BPM
Other actions

Other company-specific actions and controls, regardless of their complexity, for optimum individual performance.

BPM Software - CRM - Software BPM

Customer Relationship Management, which controls the relationships between the company and its customers, suppliers, agents, etc., is optimally performed with Processes.

You draw the Diagram, then AuraPortal makes the Program (Automatically)

By using its drag-and-drop interface to configure, rather than code, you can build a new app faster than you can brief your IT department to do it for you.

Try AuraPortal Helium Modeler today

Create your customized form easily

Configure appropriate user interfaces for customers, staff, suppliers, and partners – as a responsive web app or device-native mobile app. The intuitive drag-and-drop page builder makes it incredibly quick and simple to configure elegant apps using reusable widgets and screen elements.

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    A variety of licensing options for the two different types of users (Employee Users and External Users): Corporate, Named, Concurrent, etc.


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