Procurement management in public administration Hospitals and Health Centers

Procurement management in public administration Hospitals and Health Centers

By Pablo Sierra, Director of Product Development at PFS Group.

Contracting supplies and services for a public hospital entails the processing of a large volume of files under the Public-Sector Contracts Act.

The processing of each file involves the Hospital’s Recruitment Service, Bidders, the recruitment team, evaluation experts for the offers received and personnel of other Public Bodies. The coordination and communication between all these participants is fundamental and presents a challenge in itself.

In addition to the complexity of managing these files, there is also the need to monitor deadlines and to have an alert system that controls compliance. Each procurement file involves the elaboration of a large number of documents, most of which is done manually, which results in a high number of errors and is very time consuming.

The transformation that must occur in these entities to achieve efficient procedures is critical and affects the entire Management area, including the internal team of managers, procurement administrators and external collaborators such as suppliers of goods and services, etc. This transformation is achieved by automating Management Procedures, through what is known as Electronic Records Processing.


  • Increases efficiency and reduces management times.
  • Improves the quality and quantity of managed records.
  • Ensures compliance with expirations using notices and time controls.
  • Minimizes paper usage.
  • Optimizes workloads.

To achieve these improvements AuraPortal Partner, PFS Group, has created a solution with AuraPortal iBPMS for the electronic processing of procurement files adapted to the Public-Sector Contracts Act and specifically designed for health centers.