Process Automation

AuraPortal is a software platform addressed to company management teams to transform their departments chaos into productivity. They visually define process flow diagrams with the procedures they want their teams to follow and AuraPortal orchestrates the rest. This is Process Automation.

Three simple steps

As you draw the process model on a canvas, AuraPortal BPM Modeler automatically builds the inner programming to ensure that what you draw will be executed correctly.




Diagram the activities and the connecting lines to set the process flow, regardless of its complexity.




Drag and drop fields for each activity and input the users who should receive tasks and notifications.




That’s it!
Every time the process is initiated, it will follow the defined flow.


Automate workflows with our BPM Modeler. Build optimal workflows with inbuilt best-practice tips and alerts to ensure all work is completed on time and in line with standards and regulations. Create collaborative platforms and ensure all people, software and “Things” work together to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

Testing in Real Time

Diagram Syntax Control

Changes in Runtime

Reusable Processes

Statistical Simulation

Alerts, Alarms & Actions

Automatic Documents

Instant Deployment


Calendar & Time Zones

Tasks & Events Manager



Very few Business Process Management (BPM) suites include genuine Business Rules. In reality, many vendors who claim to have business rules are referring to Process Rules. AuraPortal boasts both Process Rules and Business Rules.

Process Rules. When there is a point in the process diagram where the flow should be diverted based on contextual information, it is represented by a ‘Gateway’ object. Process Rules set these gateways. For example: In a Purchasing Process, if the purchase total cost is greater than 100K and the goods destination is a European country, the flow splits in two. One to the Purchasing Manager and other to the Data Protection Compliance Team.

Business Rules. These rules are independent from diagram flows. You may ‘call’ these Business Rules from any number of automated processes. The big advantage of Business Rules is that their maintenance is done without modifying the processes themselves. By updating one business rule, all connected processes are automatically updated. An example would be: A Rule that gathers exchange rates for USD, EUR and JPY. Processes that need to use exchange rates will connect to this rule when they need to use the current rate for any of these currencies. Another example: The company runs asset risk assessments. An Inference Business Rule gathers all possible combinations of different ‘weights’ for different ‘criteria’ used for the risk assessment. These values can be automatically or manually modified or updated. This way, all processes that must run assessments, connect to this Business Rule and always get the up-to-date values to obtain an optimal assessment.


Create attractive forms that can be adapted to any screen resolution. Use drag and drop to create customized forms with all types of fields, and integrate data from external software to achieve an even richer user experience.

Drag & Drop

Responsive Design

Digital Signature

Multimedia Forms

Dynamic & Responsive Editor

Dynamically Activated Divisions

Reusable Forms

Conditional Logic

Embedded Forms



Automate all actions that can be performed without involving people, and workers gain time to dedicate to jobs that require human skills.


AuraPortal includes 30 Smart System Tasks to automatically: upload, transfer information, send notifications, execute scripts, invoke external web services, create accounts, deviate workflows and much more.


Delight users by giving them a tailored experience. Equip workers with the tools they need to be efficient, in the language they choose and the interface they desire. Make it easy with single sign-on, roles, workload balancing, collaboration and much more.

Users, Roles & Profiles


Custom Interface

Single Sign-On


Separated & Synchronized Environments

Keep your development, testing and production environment separate to guarantee a secure workflow. Any changes made to the processes can be tested without affecting the running processes and then synchronized.


Guarantee regulatory compliance and secure access to all digital channels. AuraPortal’s rigorous security features meet a host of industry standards across the globe.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You may use its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security system that requires more than one form of authentication to verify the legitimacy of a transaction. It combines two or more independent credentials: passwords, security codes sent to mobile devices or biometric verifications.

Security Access

Use role-based security to set access for application creation and usage.