The Beginning
PFS group was founded in 2004, as a merger of two leading professional firms with more than 30 years of experience. Its services are aimed at generating value for its customers, which results in improved productivity and market position.

PFS group is now an advanced professional services firm, offering consultancy, legal / tax, technology, training, digital strategy and image, communication and events. Their multidisciplinary nature and global vision empowers them to solve their customers’ growing complexities and a plethora of business challenges in practically all market sectors.

Partnership with AURA
PFS has always provided customers with design and process improvement services, helping them to redesign their information flows, responsibilities and documents. To achieve the proposed improvements, they needed to implement a technological solution quickly and effectively.

At the end of 2007 the group discovered AURA and its innovative solution to automate processes, AuraPortal BPMS (Business Process Management Suite). After an analysis of various tools in the same market sector, in mid-2008 they selected the AuraPortal solution.

In the words of Pablo Sierra, Director of Product Development and partner of PFS Group:

“The advantages offered by AuraPortal over its competitors are clear, but the most important thing for us is to be able to have a partnership that allows us to grow together. With AURA, in addition to a technologically advanced product, we have gained a supportive company with which it is easy to communicate and move forward. So, in 2008 we signed our partnership and since then it has been a pleasure to work together. “

Present day
Today PFS Group, thanks in large part to AURA, is a company specialized in process improvement and automation. Since 2008 the group has made numerous implementations in companies of various sizes and different activity sectors. In 2015, a vertical was developed in AuraPortal, called GCAP ( focused on public procurement management, which was recently adapted to the new public contracts law LCSP and implemented in various public-sector entities, especially Hospitals.

According to Roberto Rodríguez, Executive Director and partner of the organization:

“We have been working with AuraPortal for 10 years pioneering in disciplines that are vital for organizations today, terms such as digital transformation, regulatory compliance, process improvement, etc. are part of the companies and they are already a necessity, not an expectation of the future. We believe that the future of organizations is the rapid adaptation to changes in the environment, so this type of solution will always be essential.”

The keys that have empowered the PFS group to achieve its objectives in the BPMS disciplines have been:

  • constant training in AuraPortal and agile methodologies.
  • teaching customers a new way of doing things and the importance of managing processes.
  • continuous improvement of technology.
  • the ability to communicate with the customer representatives from different departments: operations, IT, management, etc.

Currently, the group has offices in Oviedo, Coruña, León, Ponferrada and Madrid. The majority of its customers are national and have a strong base in the northwest of Spain.