How can BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) be so advantageous?

Nowadays it is vital to have a process externalization model (BPO) that allows companies to focus on their competitive advantages, improve their management, expand their capacities and minimize risks.

BPO - bpm

Agile, secure and flexible management

At AURA we have a totally distinctive model for outsourcing processes based on a flexible and comprehensive management, combining industry specialization and technological capacity.

Cost optimization

We want to give our customers the opportunity to optimize their costs, achieve management stability and access the latest technology and best practices. We also provide the benefits of process industrialization, such as the standardization or improvement of quality and control.

BPO - process management

Customers from any industry

Our experience of customers from all industries makes us a provider with unique experience in BPO.

Furthermore, we have customers worldwide and over 400 specialized professionals.

Important Benefits with the BPO service

With AuraPortal BPM the ROI can be as high as 400%. You will start seeing results in a very short time. We’ll show you some benefits.

BPO - BPM Benefits - External application

External application maintenance, responsibility and parametrization

BPO - BPM Benefits - best tools

Acquire the best tools for monitoring your information

BPO - BPM Benefits - access to experts

Permanent access to experts

BPO - BPM Benefits - Error elimination

Error elimination and improved security

BPO - BPM Benefits - Cost reduction

Cost reduction and manageability

BPO - BPM Benefits - flexibility

Productive flexibility

BPO - BPM Benefits - Quality

Quality assurance through service levels

BPO - BPM Benefits - knowledge

Employ supplier knowledge and capability

BPO - BPM Benefits - Reduction risk

Reduction of operational risk

BPO - BPM Benefits - Optimization

Optimization of human resources

BPO - BPM Benefits - cutting-edge technology

Access to constantly updated cutting-edge technology

BPO - BPM Benefits - Updated information

Updated and timely information available in real time