Modules & Licensing

AuraPortal is BPM Software that offers easy design and execution of even the most complex operating processes without any additional programming. It provides solutions for enterprises and organizations of any size.

AuraPortal BPM Structure

AuraPortal BPM software is structured in two bands:
Core BPM | Optional Modules

 Core BPM 

AuraPortal BPM software contains the following modules:


Process Management


A unique zero-code, 100% web-based BPM system.


Data Management & Analysis


To orchestrate all data for thorough analysis and continuous improvement.


Twin installations


An extra installation identical to the one in production for risk-free testing.




Work simultaneously in different languages.


Intranet / Extranet


Manage all communication between employees and external agents.




Connections to any device, application or external database.


Document Management


Manage all the entity’s documents in a fully integrated and global manner.


Content Management


Publish any kind of content in digital format.

Modules & Licensing - Process management / Módulos y Licencias - Gestión de Procesos.

Process Management

AuraPortal offers a unique zero-code, 100% web-based BPM system available on premises and in cloud. It offers two tools for modeling the process diagrams which follow the BPMN standard notation; one is based on Java and the other is developed in JavaScript.


While the process diagram is being drawn using drag and drop, AuraPortal internally builds the programming code. Once the diagram is complete, the next step is to define the object attributes, namely: tasks, events, and gateways. And that’s it, the process is ready to run.


AuraPortal is trusted by over 9.5 Million Users Worldwide and it’s numerous distinguishing features have ranked it top position in the international market.

Twin Installations

Two identical installations for risk-free testing.

Testing Installation

This is a separate installation used purely for testing purposes. All kinds of tests can be run in this identical installation with the security that no data will be altered in production ensuring the real operations of the organization will not be affected. The Testing Installation is especially useful to test Windows Service Pack installations and AuraPortal Extension Packs (software updates).

Production Installation

To carry out the day-to-day activity of the organization.

Twin installations - Testing and Production. / Instalaciones Gemelas - Pruebas y Producción.
Document Management - AuraPortal File System & Microsoft Sharepoint/ Gestión de Documentos.

Document Management

To manage all documents (texts, images, videos, etc.) in a fully integrated and global manner. This document handling can be used concurrently with two systems:

AuraPortal File System

A system designed by AURA. This is the recommended option, especially for better performance with large volumes (millions) of documents.

Microsoft SharePoint

Incorporated in the application.

Intranet / Extranet

Manage communication between employees, customers, suppliers, and other external agents, via an extremely powerful workflow system. Features:

Easy Integration & Customization

Document & Content Management

Information Discovery & Smart Search

Reports and graphics

Information Generator, Employee Profiles and other Directories

Security against internal and external threats

Rich collaboration tools such as shared folders, calendars, activities...

Social Networking with Real-time Feeds and Announcements

24/7 availability in the Cloud

Mobile and tablet functionality

Digital Workflows

Easy Integration & Customization with AuraPortal Intranet / Extranet. Fácil Integración y Personalización con la Intranet / Extranet de AuraPortal.


Connections to any device, application or external database. This module includes all the integration components, such as web services, adapters server, external forms…

Content Management

Publish any content in digital format. The module is seamlessly integrated with the BPM Software, so that any company can create its own digital information to gain a complete and tailor-made content management.


AuraPortal BPM Software can work in different languages simultaneously, allowing each user to work in their preferred language.

Data management & Analysis

To orchestrate all data that is input or generated automatically, for thorough analysis in reports, queries, monitoring, dashboards and BAM.

 Optional Modules 

The following modules are optional:


Business Rules | External Users Workflow | Three Synchronized Environments | Connector+

Business Rules in AuraPortal: Textual, Calculation, Inference, assignment. Reglas de Negocio en AuraPortal: textual, cálculo, inferencia y asignación.

Business Rules

AuraPortal has an innovative approach to genuine Business Rules, making them much simpler to manage, however more powerful than anything ever seen before. This module houses all the company regulations and procedures, as well as process-related information which can then be seamlessly integrated into the running processes while remaining completely independent.


Following the most advanced standard trend, the AuraPortal Business Rules are “declarative” meaning that they do not “act”. Instead, they are kept separate from the processes and are invoked by the process engines only when they are required. This is the factor that gives them their extraordinary ‘on-the-fly’ power of performance and modification, because, although they do not reside in the process domain, they are always ready to serve the required information.


There are four types of Business Rules differentiated by the way they perform operations give results:





External User Workflow

Direct links between external User Tasks, i.e., external users can send tasks to each other without requiring an intermediary. Without this module, employee intervention is required.

This module allows External Users’ Tasks to be directly linked, i.e., these users can send tasks to each other without requiring an intermediary. / Este módulo permite que las Tareas de Usuarios Externos estén directamente vinculadas.
This module allows organizations to create new process classes and modify existing ones, on independent, physically separate installations (environments). / Este módulo permite a las organizaciones crear nuevas clases de procesos, o modificar las existentes, en instalaciones (entornos) independientes y físicamente separadas.

Three Synchronized Environments

This module allows organizations to create and modify process classes in separate installations. In other words, the changes in design and process class testing are performed on different and independent installations from the one that contains the real data and, once verified, the changes are synchronized with the production environment. This module is not to be confused with the ‘Twin Installations’ module in the Core BPM.


This module contains dedicated connectors for various external tools including SAP, .NET Assembly and SharePoint Online.

AuraPortal's connector+ that contains SAP, .net assembly and more.


There are two types of user in the BPMS processes:

Employees | External Users

Employee Users have the broadest scope of performance. They enter the system through the Employee Portal (Intranet). / Los Usuarios Empleados tienen el mayor alcance de rendimiento. Entran al sistema a través del Portal de Empleados (Intranet).


Employee Users have the broadest scope of performance. They enter the system through the Employee Portal (Intranet) where they can start processes, work with tasks and have access to all application resources such as master data records, accounts, items, projects, areas, processes, etc. They may also design processes where permission is granted.

External Users

External Users include distributors, customers, suppliers, etc. that have a high level of interaction with the company. External users enter the AuraPortal system through one of the external portals (Extranet) which are completely customizable. External users can initiate processes and perform tasks, although their capabilities are more limited than those of Employee Users.

The External User is intended for distributors, customers, suppliers, etc. that have a high degree of interaction with the enterprise. / El Usuario Externo está destinado a ser utilizado por distribuidores, clientes, proveedores, etc.


There are two types of licensing :

Licensing by User | Corporate Licensing

Licensing by User and Corporate Licensing / Licencias por usuario y licencias corporativas.

Licensing by User

There are two kinds of licenses by user that can work in parallel:


The only limitation is the maximum number of simultaneous users, regardless of who they are.


Each license can only be used by the named person.

Corporate Licensing

Includes unlimited users and can be granted separately to each type of user: Employee and External.

 Relevant information 

Options designed to suit every business need:


A variety of licensing options for the two different types of user (Employee and External ): Corporate, Named, Concurrent, etc.


Thanks to its modular design and licensing options (owned or in cloud), AuraPortal has affordable and adaptable prices to suit the customers’ needs.


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