Is your company prepared for remote work?

Is your company prepared for remote work?

Working remotely has become noticeably more popular over the years. Given the current circumstances, some might even say it’s become a necessity. In a study conducted by Global Workforce Analytics it was found that:

  • 36% of the participants would choose remote work over a pay raise, and 37% would even take a pay cut.
  • For 95% of companies, remote work increases employee retention.

Remote Work is the Future

The above responses make compelling arguments, but this is just the beginning. Experts will even go as far to say that employees that are able to work from home will be more productive as their stress levels are significantly lower than your regular, everyday office worker. Employees are also more likely to do you a favor, as they are grateful to be able to spend more time with loved ones. It makes perfect sense, times are changing, and people are becoming more aware of the personal life benefits of having their own workspace, flexible working hours etc. In conclusion the future of work may very well be remote. Any forward-thinking company will make sure that they have a correct policy in place.


While others remain hesitant, many companies have already bitten the bullet and adopted this method of working. One recent example is the case of Uniteco.

Recently, this insurance company adapted their commercial offering to the online environment with the help of AuraPortal. This action allowed them to market the first professional liability policy that is entirely online.  As a result, they can now easily take measures to guarantee the safety of their employees and healthcare professionals, eliminating any negative effect on their operations as well as their customers.

Find the right Technology for your Company

A main concern for companies is the fear of not being able to maintain their high level of business collaboration. This may seem difficult, but the truth is, this challenge can be easily overcome with the help of tools like AuraPortal.

Using the right technology is key. There are several options on the market that can be used for just that. In a previous article on Telecommuting, we discussed the basic  requirements for Telecommuting.

To help you determine the best tool for your business it’s important to assess your needs and goals. Our decision tree can help you with this decision. AuraPortal is especially useful for companies with complex requirements surrounding their processes, decisions or case management and more importantly want to enable business users to create and configure apps. Our low-code Platform also enables secure collaboration across multiple apps, making it an ideal solution to current business challenges

Charlene Hellings