From a global perspective, AuraPortal is the undisputed winner

The renowned consultancy company OVUM is known for making sound and reliable investigations on global enterprise software vendors and their products.

AuraPortal is the undisputed winner

From a global perspective, AuraPortal is the undisputed winner, far ahead of the rest with a score of 58.5 points. The table shows that AuraPortal BPMsurpasses its competitors in all categories except “Vertical Specialization”. It is also worth noting that in the two most important aspects: “Product Quality”, and “Value for Money”, AuraPortal has obtained the maximum marks (9 points), situating itself clearly above the rest.

The easy-to-read table above shows the results of their investigations based on the valuations made by the actual users of the products analyzed.

When preparing the “Decision Matrix Report on BPM Vendors” in 2011, OVUM analyzed and compared the leading Business Process Management (BPM) suppliers in the international market.

The figures in the table are extracted from the following radar published in the OVUM report: