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The leader in business process automation

In this section you can enjoy some of our highlights, explore special features and see why AuraPortal is one of the most renowned iBPMS on the market.

Ovum quadrant-BPM

Positioned Number 1

AuraPortal is the undisputed winner according to the appraisal from OVUM (Datamonitor Group).


Explanatory videos of AuraPortal iBPMS special features, customer interviews, case studies, tutorials and more.

business process automation - case studies-BPM
business process automation - 3 steps to run processes-BPM


Fresh Topics updated with the latest news and articles on iBPMS technology, IoT and technology trends related to Business Process Management.


Events on technological trends in which we participate, organize or sponsor; Gartner, Microsoft, DES, Digital Transformation, etc.

Business Process Management (BPM) Technology - Events - Tecnología BPM

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