Download valuable resources and learn about BPM

In this section of free downloads, you can find applications, reports and presentations on AuraPortal’s features and other informative documents on BPM and how it can help your business.

Downloads - BPM Modeler to PC

AuraPortal Helium Modeler (PC)

Create your own BPMN diagrams for free with this tool! (Version for Windows).

Downloads - BPM Modeler to MAC

AuraPortal Helium Modeler (MAC)

Create your own BPMN diagrams for free with this tool! (Version for MAC).

Downloads - BPM Comparison Matrix 2017. TEC

Report: TEC’s BPM Comparison Matrix

Read about appraisal from TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) in 2017.

Downloads - gdpr presentation

Presentation explaining the GDPR and how to be compliant

Focus on your company’s processes to ensure GDPR compliance.

GDPR-reglamento general protección datos whitepaper

GDPR Whitepaper: General Data Protection Regulation

New law to protect data rights for E.U. citizens.

Downloads - BPM Customer Opinions

AuraPortal Customer Opinions from various Industries

Find out what our customers say about us.

General Presentation AuraPortal's BPM

General Presentation of AuraPortal Helium BPM

Take a journey through AuraPortal Helium.

Downloads - BPM Main Features

General Features of AuraPortal BPM

Learn about the main features of AuraPortal BPM.

Downloads - BPM Customer Experience Analysis - Descargas

Customer Experience Analysis

Read about AuraPortal’s customer experience analysis.

Downloads - BPM Technology Report

Report: Why Should Businesses Use Process Management

Read about the benefits of BPM technology.

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