Document Management

Leverage the most complete systems to manage the Documents and Digital Content and enjoy the immediate benefits of accelerated business transactions and processes.


Define your Management Strategy

Document management can be defined as the set of practices and procedures used to handle documents for an individual or an entire organization. It is important to have a safe and efficient management strategy appropriate for the company.


Capture any document from any source

Integrate with existing systems

Eliminate the need for manual data entry

Gain unlimited capacity

Manage backups and extract metadata

Benefit from long life repositories


Control content approval

Set templates to be used as base documents

Automatically create backups or versions

Guarantee security with a permissions system

Receive alerts on any errors or exceptions

Specify the information each file should keep


Create different views of the library to quickly and easily consult documents in several ways. For each view you can determine the columns that should appear, the order in which they appear, the documents they should show, the groupings, totals, styles, etc.

Integrate with your processes for documents and files to automatically appear when needed

Enjoy Instant search results and find the right file fast


SharePoint & Filesystem

Manage all the entity’s documents (texts, images, videos, etc.) in a fully integrated and global manner. This document handling can be used concurrently with two systems:


AuraPortal File System has been designed by AURA. This is the recommended option, especially if better performance with large volumes (millions) of documents is required.

Microsoft SharePoint, incorporated in the application.

Digital Signature

Include different types of digital signatures into your workflow, in order to accomplish the last standards in the market:

Certified Signature

Guaranteed Signature

PDF Signature

Digital Signature

Include different type of digital signatures into your workflow, in order to accomplish the last standards in the market:

Certified Signature
PDF Signature
Guaranteed Signature