Data Model & Records

Keep your information under control and seamlessly manage documents, digital content, dictionaries and more, combined with a powerful Business Rules Engine.

Business Rules Engine

Simple to manage and powerful in execution with on-the-fly power of performance and modification, the AuraPortal Business Rules apply all the company regulations and procedures, as well as process-related information which can be seamlessly integrated into the running processes.


There are four types of Business Rules differentiated by the way they perform and deliver results:


Store variables with assigned values.


Contains rich text with unlimited storage or use.


Provides a result that complies with unlimited number of variables and combinations.


Store simple or complex equations for any variable.

Multiuse of Repositories & Fields

Manage the data and data structure from one unique and integrated system empowering users to provide and share information, increasing knowledge and reducing the task repetition to obtain a greater competitive advantage.

Automatic Metadata

Achieve efficiency, consistency and cost reduction by automatically identifying and collecting metadata, enhancing previously created metadata and evaluating the quality.

Data Mapping & Connectivity

The information structures in AuraPortal: Records and Field Repositories, make it easy to apply further data mapping between applications to create custom integrations or connectors. See the Connectivity & API section for more information.


Learn how to manage your data

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Copious amounts of information are generated in AuraPortal and structured in a unique and organized source of information, which serves as a reference for the user and therefore these structures are named “Dictionaries”.


Once this information has been generated, AuraPortal can convert it into available knowledge through all kinds of Reports, Analysis and Statistics.


Manage all the entity’s documents (texts, images, videos, etc.) in a fully integrated and global manner. It can be used concurrently with two systems:

Microsoft SharePoint

Incorporated in the application.

AuraPortal File System

For optimal performance with large volumes of documents.


Publish announcements, news, articles, videos, documents and, in general, any content in digital format, seamlessly integrated with our BPM Software.

master data MANAGEMENT

Empower business and IT to work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, semantic consistency and accountability of the company’s shared master data assets.

relational records MANAGEMENT

Access or reassemble data in many different ways without having to reorganize the records.