DADELOS Group Implements AuraPortal IBPMS to Automate Business Processes, for its Agrosolution Division.

DADELOS is a group of companies specialized in the agro-industrial sector. DADELOS provides raw materials for the preparation of human food, animal feed, fertilizers and biostimulants. The group provide technical services, manufacture, sell and distribute products internationally.

AuraPortal was initially implemented in Dadelos Agrosolutions S.L, one of the companies in the Dadelos group located in the Valencian Community, that manufactures and sells organic raw materials, for the Agro-organic industry, fertilizers and pesticides and provides technical services.

It aims to be an leading company internationally in the manufacturing of quality organic materials for fertilizer formulators. Thus, it has opted for state-of-the-art technology from AuraPortal, to quickly implement the automation of different processes, greatly improving the user experience and significantly increasing efficiency for customers and employees.


Joan Fuster

Content Management Professional @ AuraPortal