Connectivity & API

AuraPortal has a wide range of mechanisms that allow integration with external systems or applications to facilitate centralized management.

Connectivity & API

AuraPortal has a wide range of mechanisms that allow integration with external systems or applications to facilitate centralized management.

Main Integrations

AuraPortal provides seamless integration with these providers:

AuraPortal has a SAP Connector that allows you to easily connect with BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) or SAP RFCs (Remote Function Call), allowing you to integrate the ERP data in AuraPortal to use, modify and include in company processes.


Business intelligence software to help you understand and analyze your data. Gain centralized information on all the activities, allowing performance analysis, time controls and much more.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in your company, you may connect your AuraPortal processes and master data to interact with the CRM to cover wider business scenarios.


With this connector, you can, not only display information from Sage into AuraPortal tasks and records but also store information in the ERP and vice-versa and trigger processes from Sage.

AuraPortal provides seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 services:


AuraPortal processes can send single or batch emails, which address, subject and body can be dynamically composed based on the contextual information of each process instance. Also, when the company receives an email, based on the information received such as the inbox address, sender, subject, body…, this mail connector triggers specific business processes to manage these emails according to the behavior you configured in the process. Ensure proper email management.


AuraPortal creates MS Word documents very easily, regardless of the complexity of their content. These documents can be automatically generated from an automated process. You can merge two or more documents, include one document within another document, condition paragraphs depending on the information entered during the life cycle of the process, add signatures, images, tables… Achieve efficiency, consistency and cost reduction by automatically identifying and collecting document metadata.


Besides the capability of creating MS Excel Sheets, AuraPortal can read any Excel file and start a new process per each row inside the file, storing in each new process the data from the cells of each row. Imagine how much time you can save just by using this connector.


Along with AuraPortal File System, AuraPortal has full integration with SharePoint document management and the capacity for various automations in its libraries.


AuraPortal offers you the possibility of integrating appointments and events between calendars in a bidirectional way.

Web Services

Either REST or SOAP, the use of Web Services is a simple and universal way to interconnect AuraPortal to and from external programs.


With Web Services, you can interact with any AuraPortal process or record from a different software. Start approvals, update process information, change the flow of a certain case, automatically create customer accounts, order invoicing in the ERP, etc.

Script Execution

Also, AuraPortal includes several options to execute custom code and scripts, for example, during the lifetime of any business processes or from a button in a master data record.

ODBC Adapter

AuraPortal Adapters Server acts as a data exchanger between external databases (ERP, CRM, etc.) and AuraPortal Processes.

Data Importer

The Data Importer connects with external databases via several mechanisms (such as ODBC) and to AuraPortal through Web Services.