Case Study

WM Impresores S.A.

Employees feel comfortable and happy working with AuraPortal. The tool is very user friendly.

About WM Impresores & the Project

WM Impresores was the first company to implement the AuraPortal Business Process Management Platform with the services of AUGE Gestión Empresarial. To date they have achieved a substantial improvement in productivity, initially automating the critical processes and replacing one of the three existing management applications.


The Challenge

Given the growth of the company, the processes and support structure were primary and many of the other operations were handled manually. Until three years ago the only information system used was to handle the accounts, invoicing and generation of purchase orders.

The Solution

About four years ago the solution was found using AuraPortal, which offered a substantial improvement in productivity, initially automating critical processes and replacing one of the three existing applications.


Monitoring of each account with the requests linked to it, and 100% traceability from beginning to end.

Automatically generates nonconformity documents

There is currently a second version of this process in execution which automatically generates nonconformity documents.

Complaints and Claims process

The implementation began with the Complaints and Claims process which required all complaints, claims and customer requests to be registered, documented and monitored.


AuraPortal and the ERP communicate through web services and in the near future they will communicate through AuraPortal Adapters making the information available online.

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Great Results

The whole sales force generates orders within AuraPortal, where all information about the customers, items and conditions is available to be formalized. Thus the production area gives production orders according to the amounts required for sales, formalizing the departure of raw material from the warehouse for production, and monitoring to estimate any waste and quality indicators.

Superior Results

Reduction of the company's administrative processes0%
Improvement in analytical capacity0%

Interesting facts about WM Impresores

WM Impresores is a company in the graphics industry that specializes in narrow web flexographic printing. It was founded in 1995 as a subsidiary of WM WIRELESS AND MOBILE (dedicated to the marketing of equipment for capturing and reading barcodes and the development of mobile applications).

Years of experience

Founded in 2001.

Square meters of installations

Fully equipped installations.


Global presence in more than 50 countries.


Different products in the line of specialized printers.

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