Case Study

Spanish Railway Foundation

By using AuraPortal, the Spanish Railway Foundation has gained control and knowledge of all expenditures to avoid deviations from established budgets.

About Spanish Railway Foundation & the Project

At the SPANISH RAILWAY FOUNDATION, we consider that the implementation project for the AuraPortal management software is not yet complete, because our next objectives not only include the implementation in our administrative processes but also in other areas such as sales and human resources.


The Challenge

The initial idea arose from the need for the SPANISH RAILWAY FOUNDATION to establish a system that would help to automate internal procedures, mostly administrative, that require the intervention of several different positions and departments, thus eliminating manual paper-driven processes.

The Solution

At present, Business Process Management is the best solution to provide greater effectiveness in any organization therefore, the SPANISH RAILWAY FOUNDATION chose to undertake a BPM project. After defining all the phases, staff, departments and information to be handled in each process, the need to transfer these theoretical approaches to a BPM Suite (BPMS) became apparent, in order to automate the processes and to ensure that the proposed objectives were achieved.

Document management system

Document management integrated with the processes.

Automated control of expenditures

We have been able to monitor and control all expenditures to avoid deviations from the agreed budgets.

Automated management of services and resolution of incidents

Management of services and resolution of incidents from the IT department.

Automated authorization process for purchases

The authorization process for purchases or expenditures.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

The main result, visible right from the moment the process was implemented, has been the improvement in the expense control management, a task currently in great demand within public entities like ours. Through AuraPortal, we have been able to know and control each of the expenditures made to avoid deviations from the established budgets.

Superior Results

Control management improvement0%
Cost reduction0%
Reduction in human errors0%

Interesting facts about Spanish Railway Foundation

The SPANISH RAILWAY FOUNDATION was founded on February 20, 1985. Some of the leading companies in the Spanish public rail sector are represented on its board of trustees. It is entrusted with the recovery, custody, generation and dissemination of historical, cultural, scientific and technological rail heritage, with the willingness to collaborate with the rail sector.

Years of experience

Founded in 1985.

Board members

The members are: Renfe, adif, adif alta velocidad, Eusko Trenbideak, FGC, Euskal Trendible Sarea, Metro de Madrid, Asociación de acción Ferroviaria, Redalsa and Puertos del estado.


Research publications on the sector.

Training centers

The Foundation develops a training program focused on a specialized technical level for the sector and for exchanging knowledge and experiences among companies.

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