Case Study


Refinery of the Pacific

Refinery of the Pacific implements AuraPortal on a corporate level,

for the operational and administrative management of its Processes.

About Refinery of the Pacific & the Project

The implementation of the AuraPortal Business Process Management (BPM) Platform has led to the effective automation of Refinery of the Pacific’s processes, drastically reducing human errors. The implementation was very simple thanks to AuraPortal’s flexibility, its ease-of-use to make changes (even in real time), it’s professional support service and the fact that it does not require any programming.


The Challenge

One of Refinery of the Pacific’s most important processes is the Procurement of Goods and Services process, which is highly complex as it is made up of 8 subprocesses, one for each type of purchase, and each entailing the participation of several people from different departments. As the contracts increased, the manual coordination of the activities throughout this process became increasingly complex. Thus it was decided that the use of technology was necessary for this coordination, which led the company to consider a BPMS to improve the execution of its processes.

The Solution

From the beginning, it was requested that the BPM software manufacturer be involved with the implementation, working in coordination with the local representative. Two teams were formed, one for each of the implemented processes. Each team was assigned with a manufacturer representative, a local distributor representative and a company representative. General project coordinators were also selected by the manufacturer and by Refinery of the Pacific. The original time period forecast for the implementation was 3 months, which was the time deduced from a prior analysis of the processes to be implemented. However, once the implementation project had been initiated, when studying the processes in more detail it became apparent that the Public Procurement process required several controls which made it a lot more complex. Thus a new project implementation period of 5 months was agreed.

Real-time changes

With AuraPortal’s flexibility, it’s easier to make changes (even in real time).

Goods and services process automation

A process for each type of purchase, and each entailing the participation of several people from different departments.

Bottleneck detection

Maximum control of the performed tasks has been achieved. The software makes it easy to pinpoint potential bottlenecks.

Digital transformation

Drastic reduction of paper consumption as all the documentation is filed digitally.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

The BPM has led to better organization and execution of the processes. The benefits of automating the processes with the AuraPortal BPM Suite are starting to show and maximum control of the performed tasks has been achieved. It is easy to predict and immediately resolve any bottlenecks.

Superior Results

Improvement in efficiency0%
Reduction in paper consumption0%
Reduction in execution times0%

Interesting facts about Refinery of the Pacific

Refinery of the Pacific Eloy Alfaro is a mixed economy company created to build, operate and sustain a complex 300 MDB refinery, through a strategic alliance between Petroecuador and PDVSA. This alliance contemplates the implementation of process units with profound conversion technology, required for the production of gasoline, distillates, LPG and chemical bases.


To build the Refinery.


People working on the operation.

Equipment installed

Equipment installed in the Refinery (light, heavy and extra heavy).

Million dollars per annum

The figure represented for the Ecuadorian economy.

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