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The AuraPortal solution makes it possible to manage a multitude of contracts, with the assurance that everything is running smoothly and on time.

About Gispasa & the Project

Using the AuraPortal solution makes it possible to manage a multitude of contracts, with the assurance that everything is running smoothly and on time. Furthermore, thanks to the AuraPortal system, the company Gispasa has automated 90% of documentation associated with the process, including automatic digital signatures. Thus, the use of paper has been reduced and the workload alleviated.


The Challenge

GISPASA carries out the procurement of goods and services for the hospitals it manages. One of its hospitals is the new Central University Hospital of Asturias, which deserves a special mention in this section as it will be a benchmark in Spain in terms of management and use of new technologies.

The Solution

To evaluate possible solutions, we published a negotiated procedure and analyzed several manufacturers and consultants of BPM tools and Records Managers which were best suited to the solution.

Internal and external portals technology

Each procurement record involves the participation of not only the internal staff who administer it, but also tenders who are submitted to the contest, external experts in specific areas who form part of the valuation boards.

Document management integrated with processes

Each procurement record generates a large amount of documentation which must be maintained throughout the process and modified and adapted as the process unfolds.

Deadline control

We must also be certain that all deadlines are met, being aware of and controlling critical factors which may cause delays. (Use of alerts, alarms and System tasks).


All the process information must be integrated with several systems: the register of inputs and outputs, the tender’s Web portal, our management systems, public records, etc.

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Great Results

The business benefits obtained with AuraPortal were as expected, meeting all of the project requirements.

Superior Results

Reduction in human errors 0%
Elimination of use of paper0%
Control of deadlines0%

Interesting facts about Gispasa

GISPASA is the public society of management of sanitary infrastructures of Asturias (Spain) founded in 2004.

Years of experience

Founded in 2004.

Big hospitals built

All of them in Asturias, Spain.

Activity lines

In 2014, it started health activity in the two new hospitals (HUCA & HVAB), including the activities of conservation and maintenance of hospital complexes, as well as the operation of parking, coffee bars, commercial premises, etc.

Public administrative employees

Public employees.

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