Case Study

ARRAM Consultores

ARRAM CONSULTORES implement the AuraPortal Business Process Management Platform, achieving process optimization and the highest possible level of automation.

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About ARRAM Consultores & the Project

ARRAM Consultores has succeeded in optimizing its processes, reaching the highest possible level of automation thanks to the implementation of the AuraPortal Business Process Management Platform. It has also achieved a very high degree of compliance with internal and external regulations, drastically reducing the time dedicated to controls, as the system itself ensures compliance.


The Challenge

The objective of ARRAM Consultores is to faithfully capture the idea conveyed by their customers and to meet their expectations, thus winning their loyalty. They aim to become strategic allies, developing commissioned projects with quality, achieving the highest possible satisfaction for both parties.

The Solution

To achieve these goals, firstly ARRAM analyzed certain ERP applications with large software brands, but their effectiveness and their Dashboard graphs failed to convince them, as they were forced to make decisions based on screen shot information. This is why they decided to apply a totally different process-oriented concept, analyzing BPM Suites that would allow them to achieve business excellence.

Analysis in real time

Accurate and in line information that makes it possible to perform market and sector analysis in real time.

Time reduction in data collection

Time reduction in the collection of the data mentioned on the left.

Quality System Procedures development

Improvement in the Quality System Procedures once developed in the Portal.


Appropriate integration of the technicians and administrative staff in the processes, managing the information at the moment the event occurs.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

With the implementation of the AuraPortal management platform, ARRAM Consultores has succeeded in significantly improving internal management, which results in an immediate improvement in the services offered to customers and company results in general.

Superior Results

Improvement in the Quality Systems0%
Time reduction in data collection0%
Efficiency improvement0%

Interesting facts about ARRAM Consultores

ARRAM Consultores was founded in 1989. It develops Engineering and Architecture projects and provides consultancy services and IDI. With presence in many countries, they are specialized in sectors that require significant experience and innovation: Agri-food Industry; Energy and Environment; Manufacturing industry; Tourism and Leisure; and Urbanism.

Years of experience

Founded in1989.

Official offices

Offices in Madrid, Seville, Badajoz (Spain) and Mexico D.F. and developing projects to Europe, Africa and Latam.

Social sponsorships

ARRAM collaborate with social responsibility projects.


More than 1000 clients including Repsol, Pepsico, BMW and Endesa.

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