Case Study


Alcocer Pharmacy

Processes that were previously overlooked are now
dealt with efficiently by our staff.

About Alcocer Pharmacy & the Project

The implementation of AuraPortal BPM has enabled Alcocer Pharmacy to organize the pharmacy’s data and information (documents, accounts, items, plans, employees, processes, areas and departments), to create a platform for collaboration and organizational training and to automate the workflow of critical processes (such as the management of monthly promotions, schedule and agenda management, the evaluation of staff performance, etc.). Thanks to the implementation of AuraPortal BPM, tasks now appear automatically in the relevant person’s workflow.


The Challenge

The pharmacy was bought out by the current owner, Eduardo Reyes, in 2006. At that time, it occupied an area of 80m2 and employed 3 people. At present, the pharmacy occupies 300m2 and employs 20 people. Following the acquisition, the decision was made to automate and modernize the pharmacy.

The Solution

The solution was to implement AuraPortal BPMS. The Project was carried out with the assistance of EQMED Engineering Consulting Group, a partner of AURA, which had successfully helped 15 other pharmacies with management systems and organization projects, one of which also involved the implementation of AuraPortal BPMS.

Project analysis and planning

The system calculates and provides real-time information and reports.

New product releases

To register new products and their characteristics.

Client prescription alerts by SMS

A system which allows SMS to be sent either manually or automatically.

Inter-Pharmacy stock consultation

A report which allows stock consultation between both pharmacies.

BPM Software Key Industries

Great Results

Thanks to the professionalism of EQMED’s consultants and their knowledge of both the pharmaceutical industry and the AuraPortal BPM tool, it has been able to offer Alcocer Pharmacy personalized solutions to specific problems, in a time frame and cost that would be impossible for any other BPM tool in the market.

Superior Results

Increase in workforce efficiency0%
Reduction in human errors 0%
Reduction in unproductive time0%

Interesting facts about Pharmacy Alcocer

It’s a dynamic pharmacy, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It boasts a team of specialists in all aspects of health, wellbeing and beauty as well as an extensive supply of products, monthly promotions and a wide variety of activities.

Years of experience

Extensive experience in pharmaceutical services.

Services controlled by specialists

Advice on homeopathy, nutrition and skin treatments.

Number 1 for training

Training sessions for the team of collaborators as well as monthly talks for customers on problems that interest them, all held by highly qualified experts.


The biggest pharmacy in Valencia in terms of employees.

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