Azure Artificial Intelligence

The creation of systems that learn, adapt and potentially act autonomously has become a challenge for technological developments for the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence + Zero-code

Create smart applications with AuraPortal and Azure AI

With Artificial Intelligence, machines can analyze images, understand spoken language, interact in a natural way and make predictions using data. Create the next generation of applications using Artificial Intelligence functionalities for any business scenario:


Fast and accurate

Use pre-trained machine learning models

Make intelligent predictions


Instant business results

Intelligent case management

Optimized customer experience

Streamlined customer onboarding


Consiga resultados inmediatos

Utilice modelos de aprendizaje automático preconfigurados

Obtenga información relevante sobre su negocio

Ofrezca predicciones


Empiece a partir de lo más simple

Análisis de sentimiento

Gratuita y preconfigurada desde el minuto cero

Integración de servicios de IA desde Microsoft Azure


Impacto empresarial inmediato

Case Management inteligente

Mejore la experiencia de sus clientes

Optimice el customer onboarding


AuraPortal AI – Based on Microsoft Azure

AuraPortal incorporates ready-to-use Microsoft AI services, so you can quickly create business applications.

Chatbots improve customer experience and increase productivity.

Computer vision empowers automatic data detection and extraction.

Sentiment analysis helps to standardize customer service and enables companies to track the level of satisfaction throughout the customer journey.

Anomaly detection pinpoints changes to the trend or pattern of an activity, helping to automate exceptional actions or intelligent decisions.

Detect hidden patterns

Spot deviating behavior

Anomaly detection

Correlation between process variables


Workflow optimization

Consumer behavior in real-time


Increase security

Facial signature in forms

Anomaly detection in access methods

Help users

Case auto-classification

Detect problems with potential customers

Outcome prediction throughout the process lifecycle

Actionable insights

Informs company strength

Bots for internal/external user

Predict future

Process simulation for bottlenecks

Business metrics predictions

Predict future consumption trends

Reduce customer churn

Actionable insights

A few examples where Artificial Intelligence can be useful:

Example #1
Predict outcomes

Prediction models casn be used to predict specific process results and continually update this prediction in light of new events, or the passage of time. It can be used to detect when an opportunity is at risk.

Example #2
Anomaly detection

The automatic detection of outliers and anomalous patterns is one of the most common uses of Machine Learning models. Although its implementation by means of multi-variational time series is well known, in recent years they are being surpassed by models based on Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN).

Example #3
Recommendation engine

In addition to AuraPortal’s recommendation mechanism which is used for actions based on process outcomes, the AI can provide the System with more advanced model combinations, anomaly detection and automated data pre-treatment.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Quickly and easily build, train, and deploy your machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning.


Add Smart API capabilities to enable contextual interactions.


Intelligent, serverless bot service that scales on demand.


The predictive intelligence businesses need to stay competitive.


Artificial Intelligence powered cloud search service.


Fast, easy and collaborative analytics platform.

Cognitive services

Add intelligent algorithms to your applications, websites and bots that can see, hear, speak, understand and interpret the needs using natural forms of communication.


Convert text to lifelike speech for more natural interfaces. Integrate real-time speech translation into your apps.


Make smarter decisions faster.


Identify and analyze, label, classify and moderate content within images, videos, and digital ink.


Add Bing Search APIs to your applications and search for images, videos and news on millions of websites with a single API call.


Empower your apps to understand natural language, detect sentiment and learn to understand user needs.

Azure Bot Service

Develop intelligent, enterprise-grade bots that let you maintain control of your data. Build any type of bot—from a Q&A bot to your own branded virtual assistant. Create a bot that can:

Naturally interact with users.

Be deployed on whichever channels your customers use to interact.

Activate or act in processes with the information it gathers.

Machine Learning

Simplify and streamline the creation, training and implementation of Machine Learning models. Develop models in less time using the tools and frameworks you prefer, increase productivity using automated machine learning and innovate on a secure business platform.

Automated and simplified machine learning

Effective and simple machine learning with zero-code drag-and-drop designer and automated features.

Innovate faster with MLOps

Accelerate the complete ML lifecycle. Empower developers with a wide range of productive experiences for building, training, and deploying ML models faster.

Leverage cloud on demand from your desktop

Create and deploy ML models anywhere, from the cloud to the edge, to manage production ML workflows at scale in an enterprise-ready fashion.

Protect your assets using built-in controls

Build responsible AI solutions, with enhanced security and cost management for advanced governance and control.

Azure Search

Azure Cognitive Search is the only cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities. It uses the same integrated Microsoft natural language stack that Bing and Office have used for more than a decade, and AI services across vision, language, and speech. Spend more time innovating and less time maintaining a complex cloud search solution.

Built-in AI capabilities including OCR, key phrase extraction, and named entity recognition to unlock insights.

Auto-complete, geospatial search, filtering, and faceting capabilities for a rich user experience.

Fully managed search as a service to reduce complexity and scale easily.

Flexible integration of custom models, classifiers, and rankers to fit your domain-specific needs.

Azure Databricks

Obtenga conclusiones a partir de todos sus datos y cree soluciones de Inteligencia Artificial (IA) con Azure Databricks, configure un entorno de Apache Spark™ en solo unos minutos, aplique escalabilidad automática y colabore en proyectos compartidos en un área de trabajo interactiva. Azure Databricks admite Python, Scala, R, Java y SQL, además de marcos y bibliotecas de ciencia de datos como TensorFlow, PyTorch y scikit-learn.

Póngase en marcha rápidamente con un entorno de Apache Spark optimizado.

Impulse la productividad con un área de trabajo compartida y lenguajes comunes.

Aumente el potencial del aprendizaje automático con macrodatos.

Obtenga un almacenamiento de datos moderno de alto rendimiento.

¿Qué es la IA (Inteligencia Artificial)?

La Inteligencia Artificial se puede definir como aquella tecnología que trata de emular el funcionamiento mental basándose en el desarrollo de algoritmos para aprender, discurrir y tomar decisiones. La Inteligencia Artificial combina varios campos, como la robótica, los sistemas expertos y otros, los cuales tienen un mismo objetivo, que es tratar de crear sistemas que puedan pensar por sí solos.

La capacidad de usar IA tiene el objetivo de mejorar la toma de decisiones, reinventar modelos de negocio y ecosistemas. Tales tareas reducen costes y riesgos y mejoran el desempeño y el control de calidad.

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