BPM Digital Platform

AuraPortal is BPM Software that offers easy design and execution of all operating processes, regardless of their complexity, without any additional programming. It provides solutions for enterprises and organizations of any size: from small business, right through to corporations with millions of processes and/or users.

/ Automatización de procesos zero-code

Process Automation

Zero-code Digital Process Automation

AuraPortal is a software platform used by company management teams to transform the chaos in their departments into productivity. They visually define process flow diagrams with the procedures they want their teams to follow and AuraPortal orchestrates the rest, sending the right tasks to the right people at the right time. This is Process Automation.


The Process Automation engine, at the center of AuraPortal, is enriched with Business Rules, Analytics, Document Management, Master Data Records, Content Management…

Dynamic Case Management

Manage cases as a whole

This type of request management usually involves multiple processes, a great number of diverse scenarios, disconnected information and different roles within and outside the company.


Improve case outcomes and time to resolution, increase customer and user satisfaction and maintain flexibility to adapt processes to individual circumstances. Manage complexity and coordinate tasks, processes and services to achieve a positive outcome. Meet service level agreements with ease and predictability.

Manage cases as a whole / Gestione Casos de forma holística
User Interface and Experience / Experiencia de usuario e interfaz de usuario

User Interface (UI)

Adapt to the fast and connected digital world

Delight users with attractive portals across multiple devices and respond immediately to their ever-changing needs with agility and zero-code changes on the fly.


Responsive Forms + Instant Workflow App

Achieve ultimate business efficiency; work anywhere, anytime and on any device! The AuraPortal Instant Workflow App and responsive forms drive speed and efficiency with end-to-end security for a first-class customer experience.

Responsive Forms + Instant Workflow Mobile App / Formularios responsive y app móvil
Act smart by leveraging a wide range of functionalities including Native Reporting, Impact Identification, Deep BI, etc. / ctúe de manera inteligente aprovechando una amplia gama de funcionalidades, entre las que se incluyen: informes nativos, identificación de impacto, Deep BI, etc.

Analysis & Smart Decision

Make the right decisions

Act smart by leveraging a wide range of functionalities including Native Reporting, Impact Identification, Deep BI, Workload Distribution, Business Rules, Analytics, BAM…

Document Management

Easily manage all your documents

Leverage the most complete systems to manage documents and digital content and enjoy the immediate benefits of accelerated business transactions and processes.

Easily manage all your documents / Gestione fácilmente todos sus documentos y archivos

Business Rules & Data

Keep your information under control

Seamlessly manage documents, data repositories, content and more, combined with a powerful Business Rules Engine.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Improve decision making and reinvent business ecosystems

AI can be defined as technology that tries to explain mental functioning based on the development of algorithms to control different things. AI combines several fields, such as robotics, expert systems and others, which have the same objective: to create systems that can think for themselves.

Improve decision making and reinvent business ecosystems with AI / Mejore la toma de decisiones y reinvente los ecosistemas empresariales con IA /

Connectivity & API

Connect with external applications and databases

Easily connect data to your applications with zero-code data importer and integrations. Integrate with the Microsoft Ecosystem, SAP, Sage, Oracle, Tableau, etc.

Connect with external applications and databases with AuraPortal API and Web Services / Servicios web y API para conectar sistemas externos

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