AuraPortal Confirmed its Position among the Top iBPMS Vendors for all Major Use Cases

Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, positioned AuraPortal among the top vendors for all major use cases. Gartner evaluated the following use cases:

  • Composition of intelligent process-centric apps
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Business transformation
  • Digitalized process
  • Citizen developer application composition
  • Case Management

“At AuraPortal we are proud to have introduced unique and advanced features for process management and case management”, says Olivia Trilles, co-CEO of AuraPortal,” We are confident that AuraPortal continues to stand out among the main iBPMS vendors due to its business-user approach for creating applications which requires no intervention from IT staff.”

“Furthermore, organizations can purchase individual modules as their number of BPM projects increases. This practice, along with attractive pricing options, makes AuraPortal very popular among medium-sized businesses.”

AuraPortal: $30 million in transactions.

Trilles adds “AuraPortal is a platform that facilitates digital transformation, which now exceeds $ 30 million in transactions for more than 9.5 million users and 1000 installations around the world, with its agile and flexible orchestration of people, systems and devices.”

With offices in Miami and London and operations in North America, Europe, UAE and Latin America, AuraPortal is a global leader in digital process automation software. AuraPortal helps expedite digital transformation projects for more than 1000 installations in over 50 countries worldwide, accompanied by an international network of partners and a global community of more than 500,000 business-process-oriented leaders.

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Mati Carbo