Analysis & Smart Decision

Act smart by leveraging a wide range of sophisticated functionalities including Native Reporting, Deep BI, Impact Identification, Workload Distribution, Business Rules, analytics, BAM…


integrates digital

decisioning capabilities

very well.

Q4 2018 Forrester New Wave™ evaluation,

Digital Decisioning Platforms.

Digital Decisioning features are aimed at informing and automating operational decisions. These decisions keep increasing in amount and complexity, due to the customer demands growth rhythm. Business decision automation is a must to keep up with the customer needs.


Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)


Monitor, analyze and act in real time with KPIs and dashboards.


Agile Change Management


Change your business processes and implement them quickly and easily.


Impact Identification


Identify your high impact processes to deliver the highest quality.




Use response and idle times to monitor, control and optimize processes.

Native Reporting & Deep BI


Use embedded analytics to bring competitive advantage, faster time to market, and new revenue streams. Transform your data into interactive, real-time insights to help make faster decisions.

Predictive & Prescriptive

Achieve actionable insights based on data with Predictive Analytics! These analytics use statistical models and forecast techniques to understand the future and answer: “What could happen?”


Prescriptive Analytics use optimization and simulation algorithms to advise on possible outcomes and answer: “What should we do?”

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Workload Distribution

Empower your employees to achieve optimal performance and productivity levels. A balanced workload distribution helps enhance the productivity of any workforce.

Smart Action with Business Rules
& Analytics

Use AuraPortal’s powerful Business Rules Engine and analytics to react fast and continuously improve.