A Future without code-AuraPortal


By: David Sorensen

When I was a kid, I used to fix my friends’ computers to make some extra pocket money.

I remember one of my friend’s parents telling me: “A few years ago, that was a skilled work that only people with deep technical know-how could do”.

A couple of years later, I started to use Microsoft FrontPage and other similar tools to design websites as a hobby. Not long after that, I began earning some money by designing websites, translating them from Spanish to English, etc. At that time, I had a friend who I would usually go to and ask for advice when I didn’t know how to do something. He was about 30 years older than me and had a lot of experience working as an IT consultant. On more than one occasion he recommended that I learn how to code, but I never really got the chance to do it.

One day, I was very excited to talk to him about a website I had created over the weekend with this new tool that allowed me to design everything with user-friendly features and without using languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. (not that I knew a lot about these languages, but just enough to build competitive websites). He was surprised to see that this tool was not only allowing me to accomplish much more in just minutes, but also to effortlessly design advanced features for a website.


A few years later, I had the opportunity to work with AuraPortal. This company told me they were developing a solution that would empower people to build business applications with no code. Apps were a big thing at that moment and I was very interested, I knew there was a lot of people like me that wanted to be citizen developers but hadn’t had the opportunity or time to learn how to code. After a couple of weeks of training I was assigned to a Senior Consultant who guided me in my first projects, where I was expected to develop solutions for many companies around the world. In just a few months, I was assigned my first opportunity to lead a project. It was very exciting to see that we were heading to a future where not everyone needs to code.

Today, we can take awesome pictures without being highly-skilled photographers, build amazing websites in a matter of minutes and, why not, develop complex dashboards, reports, business processes and much more without a single line of code.

Now, in our department (the AuraPortal Training School), we have made it easy for people to learn how to design powerful applications, equipping our students with the necessary skills to create dashboards, tailored solutions for any process, and much more in less than 12 days.

I’d love to hear what a code-free future might do for you given the right citizen-developer ecosystem.

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