Gain the Speed, Agility, Accuracy and Automation you need to Lead your Company to Success in the Digital Era with the BPM Software from AuraPortal!

Digitize every step of all kinds of processes on one easy-to-use BPM Digital Platform (compatible with your existing ERP & CRM apps)

BPM Software, success is at your fingertips!

Transform your customer journey and turn every customer touchpoint into a positive experience to exceed expectations and boost customer loyalty. Understand the ever-changing needs of the digital market and leverage cutting-edge BPM technology to empower innovation and ensure continuous improvement.

BPM Software - Digital Transformation - Informative content - Software BPM

Digital Transformation

Implement a successful digital transformation strategy for the ultimate competitive advantage.

BPM Software - Organization Control - Accounting - Software BPM

Organizational Control

Gain complete control of all your business activities to achieve optimal performance with BPM Software.

BPM Software - Intelligence Analysis - Finance - Software BPM

Analytical Decision

Convert data from a multitude of sources into invaluable information for effective decision making.

BPM Software - Knowledge Management - Sales opportunities - Software BPM

Knowledge Management

Empower your workers by ensuring the right knowledge gets to the right people at the right time.

BPM Software - Adaptation to Change - eCommerce - Software BPM

Adaptation to Change

Be flexible, fast and embrace change to remain competitive in the digital era.

BPM Software - Comply with Regulations - Legal procedures - Software BPM

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure you have the BPM processes in place to automatically address all regulatory challenges.

BPM Software - Customer Journey - Purchasing - Software BPM

Customer Journey

Surpass customer expectations and boost customer loyalty to remain competitive in the digital era.

BPM Software - Mobility - Marketing - Software BPM

Mobility Acceleration

Improve enterprise mobility and offer your customers optimal service on mobile channels.

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What Makes the BPM Software from AuraPortal so Attractive ?

User-friendly BPM Application Builder


Powerful out-of-the-box BPM Functionalities

Business-user Approach

Changes on the Fly

Personalized ‘environments’

Fast BPM Implementations


BPM Software Key Industries

Key Industries.

Benefit from our key industry expertise

BPM Software Case Study - New Millenia
BPM Software Case Study - Grantecan
BPM Software Case Study - Tenco
BPM Software Case Study - ECI Julio Garavito

Real Benefits.

See amazing results in 1-3 months or less

BPM Software Benefits - Software BPM

AuraPortal BPM Software integration

AuraPortal is a BPM application with SOA architecture.  It works with Web Services for its internal operative and also presents a complete set of Web Services, pre-prepared in WSDL, that connect with external applications and databases.

“AuraPortal has improved implementation & BPM process modification times.”

Juan Pablo Medel Castillo, RSA Chile Ops & IT Vice-President.


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