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AuraPortal is intelligent BPM Software for building Web and Mobile Applications without needing to program any code.

BPM Software AuraPortal BPM Processes video - Software BPM

AuraPortal uses a powerful Business Process Management (BPM) engine to automate, monitor, control and optimize everything, from a simple project or the management of a department to the complete integrated management of the entire company or organization. Other technologies used by AuraPortal are:

Business Rules

AuraPortal Business Rules can be applied to any process and ensure consistency and control.

Collaborative Platform

Social BPM enables workers to collaborate in the most natural manner.

Document & Content Management

AuraPortal’s document management solution keeps company content under control.

Data Management

AuraPortal simplifies and strengthens data by automating the entire information lifecycle


A unique interface for setting up a set of visual dashboards and data analysis tools.

Connectivity & Integration

AuraPortal can rapidly and easily integrate with your existing ERP, CRM...

What are Business Processes and BPM Software?

Business Processes or Intelligent Processes are a collection of related, structured activities that, as a whole, constitute the overall activity of any company or organization. These processes can be managed and controlled by systems known as BPM.


Some examples of Business Processes:

BPM Software - Customer Journey - Purchasing - Software BPM

Manage purchasing cycles.

BPM Software - Mobility - Marketing - Software BPM

Manage marketing and demand generation activities.

BPM Software - Knowledge Management - Sales opportunities - Software BPM
Sales opportunities

Manage sales opportunities, including the control of commercial actions and the automatic generation of orders and contracts as appropriate.

BPM Software - Manufacturing - Software BPM

Manage manufacturing or transformation processes.

BPM Software - Services - Software BPM

Manage the provision of services.

BPM Software - Sales cycle - Software BPM
Sales cycle

Manage sales cycles, including invoicing, charges and claims.

BPM Software - Customer service - Software BPM
Customer Service

Permanent hot-line for customers.

BPM Software - Organization Control - Accounting - Software BPM

Accounting, including the assignation and control of budget allocations.

BPM Software - Human Resources - Software BPM
Human Resources

Manage human resources, including: recruitment, salaries and fees, permissions, vacations, redundancies, control and work performance optimization, etc.

BPM Software - Intelligence Analysis - Finance - Software BPM

Financial management, covering the control of money, loans, credits and debits, optimizing investment destinations and cash flow applications.

BPM Software - Economic Situation - Software BPM
Economic situation

Analyze the company’s economic performance, its profitability, bottle necks and capabilities using KPIs.

BPM Software - Business Resources - Software BPM
Business resources

Integral optimization of business resources from a global perspective.

BPM Software - Strategies - Software BPM

Design and monitor present and future strategies in all areas of activity.

BPM Software - Performance standards - Software BPM
Performance standards

Establish and continuously update performance standards in the organization.

BPM Software - Projects - Software BPM
Projects of any kind

Design, monitor and control any kind of unique or recurring project, throughout the preparation and execution stages.

BPM Software - Digital Transformation - Informative content - Software BPM
Informative content

Create, update and publish any kind of informative content, in any format and in any selected media.

BPM Software - Document Management
Document Management

Intelligent and integrated management of all documents in the organization via potent File Systems that can handle the creation, modification, search, printing, etc., of millions of documents very quickly.

BPM Software - Corporate Website - Software BPM
Corporate website

Controlled publication on the Internet and social networks, including periodic newsletters, the design of web pages that can be dynamically updated, and the maintenance of blogs, chats, messages, etc.

BPM Software - Adaptation to Change - eCommerce - Software BPM

eCommerce with automatically updated offers, including shopping carts and payment gateways.

BPM Software - Comply with Regulations - Legal procedures - Software BPM
Legal procedures

Management of the organization’s interaction with the legal framework for its operations, including any legal and procedural processes that may occur.

BPM Software - Other actions - Software BPM
Other actions

Other company-specific actions and controls, regardless of their complexity, for optimum individual performance.

BPM Software - CRM - Software BPM

Customer Relationship Management, which controls the relationships between the company and its customers, suppliers, agents, etc., is optimally performed with Processes.

You Diagram, AuraPortal Programs

By using its drag-and-drop interface to configure, rather than code, you can build a new app faster than you can brief your IT department to do it for you.

BPM software modeler video - Software BPM

Try AuraPortal Helium Modeler today

The new model of AuraPortal offers easy design and execution of ALL operating processes, no matter how complex they may be, without any additional programming requirements. AuraPortal BPM software provides solutions for enterprises of any size.

BPM Software Structure

The kernel of AuraPortal Helium is its CORE BPM, which contains the following resident modules: ‘Business Processes’, ‘Intranet/Extranet’, ‘Document Management’, ‘Data Management and Analysis’, ‘Connectivity’, ‘Engine’, ‘Modeler’, ‘Process Rules’, ‘Form Designer’ and ‘Simulation’.


There are also eight Optional Modules named ‘Business Rules’, ‘Multilanguage’, ‘Content Management’ which contains the ‘Online Commerce’ module, ‘3 Environments’, ‘Full Copy for testing purposes’, ‘Workflow Extranet’ and ‘Advanced Forms for Guest Users ‘.

BPM Software - Structure - Software BPM


Core BPM

Business Process Management to automate all workflows.

Business Rules

For all process-related regulations, procedures and information.


Available in 10 different languages with user customization.

Content Management

Publication of any digital content: news, articles, videos, etc.

Online Commerce

Online sale of goods and services, including payment gateways.

3 Environments

Development, Testing and Production.

Full copy for testing

With this module a backup is created for testing purposes.

Workflow extranet

Can link External User Tasks to Guest Users.

Advanced form

Guest Users can edit the Relation and Prefix fields in forms.

The estimated ROI is 400%

As AuraPortal requires no additional programming, the cost and time of implementing and carrying out modifications throughout the process’ useful life is drastically reduced (up to 70%) compared with other BPM systems.


Here are some statistics from customer reports about the benefits of working with AuraPortal Business application platform:

Increased Productivity
Increased Revenue
Increased Efficiency

UI & Forms

AuraPortal BPM Software has a powerful dynamic form designer that lets you set different user interfaces which are automatically applied depending on the device in use (computer, tablet or mobile).


It is also possible to design specific native Apps for mobile devices, with any standard tool on the market designed for this purpose, which will connect to AuraPortal through Web Services.

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    BPM Software - The Power of CEP - Zero-Code - Software BPM

    The Power of CEP

    Boost agility, maintain a competitive edge, act faster and smarter with AuraPortal iBPMS Complex Event Processing (CEP).

    Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a defined set of tools and techniques for analyzing and controlling the complex series of interrelated events that drive modern distributed information systems. This emerging technology helps IS and IT professionals understand what is happening within the system, quickly identify and solve problems, and  utilize events more effectively for enhanced operation, performance and security.

    Case Management

    AuraPortal’s Dynamic Case Management (DCM) makes it possible to manage cases as a whole.

    The AuraPortal resident Process module is optimally prepared to manage all cases. This is why many Independent Business Software Analysis and Valuation Agencies frequently mention the extraordinary efficiency of AuraPortal’s ‘Dynamic Case Management’.

    BPM Software - Case Management - Software BPM
    BPM Software - Swivel Chair integration video - Software BPM

    Swivel Chair Integration

    The swivel chair interface can be eliminated with better network management, unified interfaces and data integration. Discover how AuraPortal BPM software can stop the swivel chair and make your work more efficient.

    Relevant Information


    A variety of licensing options for the three different types of users (Employee Users, External Users and Guest Users): Corporate, Named, Concurrent, etc.


    Thanks to its modular design and licensing options (owned or in cloud), AuraPortal has affordable and adaptable prices to suit the customers' needs.


    AuraPortal Training School provides knowledge about Entrepreneurial Software closely related to Business Processes. BPM and BPMN 2.0 Training with Official Certificates.


    Our experts have thousands of hours of experience working on the most demanding BPM projects, empowering them to deal with all challenging situations.

    “Since implementing AuraPortal we’ve reduced software provider costs by 65%.”

    Paul O’Rourke, Business Development Manager NMG.

    These results can be yours, request a demo now!

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