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  AuraPortal BPM Products   Contact - See AuraPortal BPM demo  
  AuraPortal BPM Products   Contact - See AuraPortal BPM demo  

Why should you choose AuraPortal Helium?

The new model of AuraPortal BPM offers easy design and execution of ALL operating processes, no matter how complex they may be, without any additional programming requirements.


The Most Advanced
BPM Process Platform

AURA offers a unique software product called AuraPortal Helium which, thanks to its modular structure, can control everything from a very simple project or the management of a department right through to the complete, integrated management of an entire company or organization. It can be used by anyone even people without technical skills.


The easiest way for
making decisions

AuraPortal BPM's intelligent Analysis helps organizations to understand, analyze and even predict what will happen in the company and its general environment. Its use enables the conversion of data into useful and relevant information to distribute to the relevant people at the right time.


Machines connected with Processes

The new concept of Internet of Things together with AuraPortal allow, thanks to Web services, the initiation of processes based on the activation of sensors, or any other system activation. This extraordinary combination makes it possible to deploy a range of solutions.


Save with AuraPortal

Recently, after making sure that Cloud Computing is a secure and valid alternative, AURA has extended its scope to provide all AuraPortal users with the services of a complete Cloud provider. Thus, we have created AuraPortal Cloud.


Relevant Customers

AuraPortal has over 300 customers in more than 40 countries


Case Studies

Below, you will see some AuraPortal BPM software Case Studies

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