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Appraisal from OVUM (Datamonitor Group)

The renowned consultancy company OVUM is known for making sound and reliable investigations on global enterprise software vendors and their products. When preparing the "Decision Matrix Report on BPM Vendors" in 2011, OVUM analyzed and compared the leading Business Process Management (BPM) suppliers in the international market.

The following easy-to-read table shows the results of their investigations based on the valuations made by the actual users of the products analyzed.

From a global perspective, AuraPortal is the undisputed winner with a score of 58.5 points, far ahead of the rest.

The table shows that AuraPortal BPM surpasses its competitors in all categories except "Vertical Specialization". It is also worth noting that in the two most important aspects: "Product Quality", and "Value for Money", AuraPortal has obtained the maximum marks (9 points), situating itself clearly above the rest.

The figures in the table are extracted from the following radar published in the OVUM report:

About OVUM

OVUM is an international independent consultancy company that forms part of the Datamonitor Group. It bases its analysis on over 400,000 interviews with business and technology executives, who provide an unprecedented knowledge, not only of business requirements, but also of the technology that organizations should be supporting.

Appraisal from TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers)

In June, 2013, not only was AuraPortal certified by the prestigious firm TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers) as one of the highest quality BPM in the global market, the evaluation process carried out by TEC actually resulted in astounding conclusions, as demostrated in its Focus Indicator for AuraPortal, represented below:

The results, as depicted in the Focus Indicator, are outstanding.

It is worth noting that AuraPortal BPM excels in all criteria. It is clearly visible that the scores for each and every one of them, represented by the red dots, are within the exclusive Dominant Zone, where all but one are located right in the center of the zone. This means that they are qualified as unsurpassable or, the best of the best, far ahead of the line that represents the Industry Average.

Naturally, the best way to understand all the details of TEC's findings on AuraPortal is to read the report. However, to name just a few, below are some sentences selected from the many comments that appear in the TEC report.

TEC (Technology Evaluation Centers)

“During AuraPortal BPMS' certification demo session, we bore witness to some of the outstanding capabilities that the AuraPortal BPM system offers.”

“With a dominant placement in nearly all areas of the BPM module, AuraPortal BPMS is well positioned as one of the leaders within the BPM space according to all standards provided by TEC.”

“During the demo session, AuraPortal successfully demonstrated the versatility and power of its BPM system, showing some of the features that make it a product to contend with in the BPM space.”

About Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC)

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) provides insight and expertise in offering impartial resources and services to minimize the costs, risks, and time associated with software selection. Over 3.5 million technology decision makers visit TEC’s Web sites each month, to find information on hundreds of solutions, and to access articles, white papers, and podcasts.

TEC’s decision support system (DSS) and analyst data assist with the evaluation, comparison, and selection of enterprise solutions and services. TEC’s offerings include in-depth research, detailed product information, and software selection services for any industry or company size.

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Appraisals from other Analysts

"One of the best-kept secrets in the iBPMS market." (Gartner, Inc. 'Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites 2015').
"AuraPortal is one of the most complete and advanced BPMS solutions in the market backed up by a financially strong company with a large number of satisfied customers of all sizes that have been working with the product for several years."

"Innovative, very complete and technically advanced." (BPTrends (Business Process Trends). BPMS Report 2010)

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"In Customer references, AuraPortal has a strong ease of implementation and ease of use from both IT and business user perspectives. Also, ease of integration with SAP via Web Services and ease of integration with SAP via SAP portal." (IDC (Analyzer the Future). MarketScape 2011)
"AuraPortal BPMS is fully internet enabled and consists of a set of integrated applications suitable for virtually any organization."

"For what you get, AuraPortal is really good value for money with a very low maintenance percentage." (Bloor 2011)

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