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The capabilities offered by AuraPortal BPMS present advantages in implementation times and process modification, leading to operating efficiency."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - RSA
We selected AuraPortal because of its value for money, no programming effort and versatility to deliver general and specific solutions."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - La Marañosa
With AuraPortal we have managed to avoid nonconformities and the disruption of the processes, and we now have much greater agility in decision-making.”
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - Pemex
GEA-TOYOTA, based on the AuraPortal BPMS, makes it possible to centralize work and maintain the same criteria for all dealers."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - Toyota
AuraPortal ensures continuous improvement of processes and quickly adapts to changes in government."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - MinTIC Colombia
AuraPortal allows us to agilely implement and maintain our processes, avoiding expensive tailor-made applications that can be difficult to work with."
AuraPortal Customer - Universidad de Deusto
One of the main reasons why we use AuraPortal is the speed to build up solutions and ease to integrate with other systems."
AuraPortal Customer - Sernageomin - Gobierno de Chile
AuraPortal BPMS is excellent and very flexible. The ability to make immediate changes, test them and implement them is a big plus."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - Pacific Refinery
The use of AuraPortal has standardized stable processes within the production chain, hereby improving the quality of our customer services.”
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - kpn
The AuraPortal team demonstrated how everything can be created through their user interface without the need for any programming.”
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - New Millennia
Our experience with AuraPortal has been very satisfactory, both in the scope of the project as well as in the time invested. The challenge now is to expand its use across all levels."
AuraPortal Customer - ECI - Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito
We spent a long time looking for the best solution to automate and optimize our processes. We found it in AuraPortal and I'm extremely impressed."
AuraPortal Customer Opinions - ArcelorMittal
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